The Great Escape

by Geoffrey Botkin


(Excerpted from his book by the same title)


Isn't it against the law to take

children out of the public school system?
No. Not at all. But it is a curious thing that this question comes up so much. What has the public school system been teaching us that makes us think it is such a sacred institution? What makes us think that it can, without any challenge from anyone, control our lives, decide our futures and fill our minds? Why is it so hard for us to admit that we really do not want or need an institution that does us more harm than good?
Part of the reason lies in what we are taught by the government schools about the government. The message we come away with is that we are required to do what the government wishes or we will be punished in some way. Thus intimidated, we have allowed the government to make numerous rules and regulations about what we are permitted or not permitted to do by the government. Many original American freedoms are gone, but we often don't realize this because we never learned about real freedom in school.
Americans still enjoy the freedom to educate their children in private schools, home schools, or other alternative arrangements, but it must be pointed out that this freedom is now regulated. This means it is not true freedom. Real freedom comes with responsibilities, but not with regulations.
It is not illegal in any state to remove one's children from the government system. But it is only legal to do it if certain formalities are observed. (You will find a summary of those formalities in Appendix I.)
Today hundreds of thousands of families are getting out. The Washington Post reports that this is not longer a trend but a revolution. Thousands of families are reading this book (The Great Escape), learning that it is quite legal to say goodbye to the impersonal institution called the public school. Every day more families join an exodus that will prove to be helpful not only to the children who are removed, but to those who remain confined.
Will the exodus from the public 

schools hurt the country in any way?
On the contrary, the exodus may be the only thing that keeps our country from falling into an irreversible system of strict government control called "School To Work."  This workforce system tightly controls the career and the education of individual Americans, beginning in childhood, and controls the American economy and American businesses even more tightly. (See Appendix V for more information on this dangerous idea.)
Reversing the Trend

Parents who depend on the public education system will continue to be deceived, defrauded, and taken advantage of. Their children will suffer all that and worse.
Fortunately, the law does not yet force any of us to be enslaved to this system. It is true that we must financially support it, but we do not have to participate in it. 
Removing one's children from public school and bringing them home may seem like a very drastic, un-American solution to today's problems. It is not. It is forced government schooling that deviates from the American model. Sending kids away from the home, institutionalizing them... that is what is uncommonly un-American.
I wish that every parent could understand that if what is desired is academic education, unlimited learning opportunities, broad career horizons, then public school can no longer be an option for any family in America.




I (Barb) urge you to read this entire book:

The Great Escape by Geoffrey Botkin as he has much more

to say on this topic as well as "the whole picture."  We sell this book

in the "Resources for Parents With Children of All Ages" section.



By inclusion of this article here at my website, I do not wish to give the impression that I am entirely "anti-school."  I have many good friends who are teachers in the school system, and are wonderful people who are doing a good job. But, with all due respect to them, I no longer believe that "school" is the best place to get a (true) education.  It is the best place to become "well-schooled," but true and complete education is far deeper and more encompassing than this. Many of the articles in my Article Chart will tell you why and what I believe about "true education."  And my suggestion for a "Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind" will take you through your own season of "renewing your mind" in this area. (And The Great Escape is one of the books in it!)



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