I Corinthians 13

for Homeschoolers


 by Betty DeMers Parkes




The following is a very good "focus adjuster" for those who have been homeschooling for some time; a vital "focus affixer" for those just starting out!



If my children can quote Shakespeare

     with feeling and understanding,
          but think only of themselves, 

               ...then what have I taught?
If they can spell scientific words, 

     and write 16-page reports,

          but have no compassion for others,

               ...then what have I taught?

If they can work algebraic equations,

     but do not think of how their words or actions

          may affect someone else,

               ...then what have I taught?
If my high schooler gets into Harvard,

     but doesn't have a personal relationship 

           with Jesus Christ .... 

                ...then what have I taught?
If my children are in the 99th percentile rankings

     on all their standardized tests,

           but resent being with their family

               ...then what have I taught?
If my nine-year-old reads Tolstoy,

     and my seven year old knows all the times tables,

          but they cannot play together 

                without hurt feelings and tears,

                     ...then what have I taught?

There has to be a way.....  of building their character and giving them the instruction that they need to do well in the eyes of the world...   


Yes I know, knowing Shakespeare and algebra are important, but it is priorities that concern me. I see many children who are well educated, but I see few who have manners... 


Few who are polite to their "elders"...  


Few who would put another's needs (much less their wants) in front of their own.  


To build the life of Christ into a child is the greatest goal...  Not spelling, arithmetic, or geography. Not even true history or "creation science" can replace the deep need for a generation of children to be brought up first in the "nurture and admonition" of the Lord.  


If people were half as concerned if Johnny or Jane had compassion on their "brother" as they are with getting into Harvard, this world would be an entirely different place to "visit"!!!!!

   October, 1997




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If you are feeling some regret or conviction right now, you need not stay there!  What you are feeling is merely the Lord bringing you into His light ~ which almost never feels good at first!  If this is where you're at, Betty has more to say to you...


You know?  I have many regrets also.  But, as a friend once pointed out to me ... we have a REDEEMER!
He is not only the Redeemer of our souls ~ He is the Redeemer of our TIME, of our bad decisions ~ the Redeemer of wrong actions, harsh words, and mistakes.
He stands ready, willing, and MORE than able to make right all our wrongs ~ to use the worst of what we do or say and accomplish HIS purpose in our lives and in the lives of each person we know, those we meet and those we already love!
He is a Sovereign Savior ~ knowing the beginning, the middle and the end. He knows WHO we are, WHAT we are, and what we are capable of accomplishing, even more than we know ourselves!
He writes His word on our hearts that we will not sin against Him. He gives us a hunger and thirst for righteousness that we could never muster on our own. He CREATES the desires that burn our hearts. And if He has put the desire in our heart? Then He will equip us for EVERY good work He calls us to do.
We step forward one step at a time ~ never turning back to an old life, where sin and darkness cover our path ~ into the Light of His GRACE and His MERCY. We can rest there. For He calls us, speaking Truth into our tired souls, offering a light burden, an easy yoke. A yoke of HIS making.
If only we can rest in Him. If we can TRUST that what He says, He will do? Then we can let go of what has been ~ and walk boldly to the Savior's feet and there lay down our burdens and know that it is HE that is in control. It is HE that lays the path we walk. And it is HE that will see us safely home!  .....  Amen.


Betty DeMers Parkes

(Used with permission from Betty)

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