What to Do

While You Wait


by Nathan Bailey



Strangely enough, I don't believe in waiting around to get married. If you are ready to get married, then go right ahead! If you're not, then you already know what to do "while you're waiting" address your shortcomings.


The years before marriage are a time of preparation. The Bible talks about us being 'consecrated' to God that literally means having your hands full of purpose. You need to find out your destiny in life how can you be sure your spouse's destiny lines up with your own if you don't yet know what it is?


Once you have found your destiny, you can start equipping yourself for it, and then doing it. More than likely, you will meet your spouse whilst you are out fulfilling your destiny. Those who wait at home "for their prince/princess" to come aren't likely to meet (or attract) the partner of virtue they seek.


More than that though, you need to become a whole person, and then build a dowry. Many people enter in to relationships/marriage in an attempt to fulfill their needs. Craig Hill uses the example of fleas. One flea marries someone, thinking they are a dog who can fulfill them emotionally, only to find that they are another flea. Craig says we need to be batteries, finding our source of strength in rechargings from God.


Many of us have vulnerabilities and hurts from traumas in our childhood or even adult years. These needs must be addressed in God before you start to seek relationships with others, or you may well find that you have married a flea. Once you have addressed these major issues, you need to get prepared for marriage by building a dowry.


In Biblical times, a man would present a dowry to his wife, both as an expression of value in her, and as a security for her, should he be injured or die. This dowry (according to Jehle?) was usually about three years wages, today around $100,000! Similarly, the wife (or her family) would bring something to the marriage, like a cow to parent their new herd.


Whilst I wouldn't necessarily advocate requiring such a substantial investment, I would strongly encourage you to get yourself out of debt before considering marriage. The top two causes of marital strife (and divorce) are s_x* and money. If you come into a marriage financially secure, you will have a lot less stress. If you are in any doubt about this one, just talk to any pastor or marriage counselor!


But there is more to your dowry than just financial resources. Lon Stokes also talks of a "character dowry". A character dowry includes things like a good work ethic, home-making skills (yes, guys should know how to cook too, even if only to relieve their wives!), financial responsibility, faithful commitment to and service in a local church, etc.


I firmly believe that if you commit to God's plan in relationships, and focus on fulfilling your destiny in Him, He will fulfill His part of the bargain. Emotionally and financially prepared for marriage, as you develop your character dowry, God will surely direct His chosen partner for you to your side!


(For further reading, please check the books and URLs listed on my Courtship Resources page.)






* I have deleted the "e" from the word "s_x" because certain servers, in an attempt to keep web surfing safe and pure for their customers, block any web pages ~ even entire sites ~ from being accessed if they contain "that word."  My web site is hardly one for Christian families wanting to deepen their walks with God or help their children purify their relationships to avoid!




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