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Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp. "A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens."  With Study Guide.  On the back cover: "Paul Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the often chaotic adolescent years. With wit, wisdom, humility, and compassion, he shows parents how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with their teenagers."  And as his brother, Tedd, said: "...a wealth of biblical wisdom and a treasure of practical steps for understanding and shepherding your teen's heart."




Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. This excellent book will help you recognize unbiblical thinking and learn how to communicate effectively and healthily with your children. It is all about dealing with the heart! It also outlines training objectives for each stage of childhood. It teaches how your objectives shift as infants grow into children and as children grow into teenagers. It will inspire you to become a different kind of parent ~ one who will raise different kids in a world that needs more of both!   

Main Book - $14.00  

A Parent's Handbook - $10.00  





The Key to your Child's Heart by Gary Smalley. This book was very instrumental many years ago in helping me get to the root cause of some tensions, wrong attitudes, and unhealthy relating that was taking place between myself and my children. Dealing with these is not something to put off until the academics are done, but to consider very much an integral part of our children's education! (I can't stress this enough!) This book helps you recognize a closed heart in your children and gives practical steps to opening the heart of a child who has shut you out -- and keep you from unknowingly causing that to happen. I know it sounds radical, but if you do not have your child's heart, you may as well not attempt homeschooling! And if you don't, start with this and other books in this section.  




Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes... in You and Your Kids! by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  "Remember those idealistic goals you had when you brought your child home for the first time? Did those goals give way to a simple desire to survive each day? What happened? Parents can become very frustrated when dealing with not only whining, but also bad attitudes, meanness, and bickering. Some parents try to control their children's behavior, but the key is to instill honor into family life. In this volume, you'll find: 


~ Six ways to teach honor to your children

~ A three-step approach to deal with meanness
~ Three Biblical solutions to sibling rivalry
~ Five helpful parenting skills
~ Loads of practical family activities"




[Barb talking now]  And here is what Beth, a homeschooling mom, had to say about this book: 


       "The authors' key to stopping the whining, complaining and bad attitudes is instilling honor in the relationships in the home. They define honor as "Treating people as special, doing more than what's expected, and having a good attitude." They explain specifically what it means to honor as opposed to just showing respect, right behavior, obedience etc. It includes a chapter on six ways to teach honor to children. Then they go "deeper", as they say, teaching about the interworking of each relationship in the home, non-verbal communication and on changing relationships. The book includes information on not just teaching the children to show honor but also teaching parents "honor-based parenting." One thing from the book we immediately applied in our home was "The Stop Rule". This is a word or phrase that allows a person to communicate that teasing is turning into foolishness so please end it immediately. They end the book with suggestions for family together time activities that teach the concept of honor being present in the home. I recommend the book as well as their  first one, Eight Secrets to Highly Effective Parenting. It was rather elementary in its writing style. but the "secrets" are truly vital elements in a pleasant home environment."




Child Training Tips by Pastor Reb Bradley. Have you asked these questions: Can children obey when spoken to calmly  and only one time? What is a child-run home? Can different children be held to the same standard? How can a parent know if a toddler understands simple directions? What are the characteristics of rebellion? What exactly is "sass" and how can it be stopped? Should children be required to eat and accept thankfully foods they don't enjoy? How can parents help children skip the "terrible two's," the "trying three's," and "rebellious teens"? Pastor Reb Bradley answers all these questions and more with God's heart and godly advice (not always synonymous!) in this excellent book! Read "Goals of Child Training" for a sampling of his writing.  




To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. The authors show how to acquire and maintain fellowship with your child, spank less, and get total obedience. Quotes: "Training is a technique that always works on every child. To neglect training is to create miserable circumstances for yourself and your child. Many have bypassed the training and expected the discipline alone to effect proper behavior...  Disciplinary actions can become excessive and oppressive when the tool of training is set aside and one looks to discipline alone to do the training." See the article in my Article Chart "Understanding the Childish Nature" for a taste of this book.  




() How to Win the Heart of a Rebel by Dr. S. M. Davis. (Quoting from the book:)  "The heart of every problem is a problem in the heart... Parents do not have to live with disobedience and rebellion. God has given us His Word. The principles in the Bible tell us how to solve our problems, if we as parents are willing to pay the price...  The key ingredient in raising good children is to get their hearts early, keep their hearts, and be extremely vigilant to not lose their hearts. But if you do lose a child's heart, then quickly find out where and when you lost it and put into action a plan to get the heart back no matter what it takes to do it." This small and simple -- but straightforward -- book will help you do just this. It is not an easy answer, but it offers hope to even the most seemingly hopeless situations. See "Changing the Heart of the Rebel" article by this author at my Article Chart.  





The Hurting Parent by Marjory and Gregg Lewis.  Written by a mother and her son, this book helps Christian parents cope with children who reject the faith they have been taught and deals with times of pain and stress in relationships. [From the Back Cover:]  "The Hurting Parent is for parents, and also for friends of prodigal sons and daughters everywhere. Margie Lewis encourages hurting parents by helping them understand their reactions and by providing them with survival strategies tested in the experiences of other parents who have known their pain.




Parenting Adolescents by Kevin Huggins.  For the parent who wants to delve deeper into how to become a more effective parent of teens which, as Dr. Larry Crabb puts it, "...is to become a more godly person. In this book Kevin examines carefully what that godliness should look like in a parent who is struggling to understand, love, and guide a teenage son or daughter. And Kevin supplies valuable insight for the struggle." The inside flap says: "There's more to parenting adolescents than laying down God-honoring rules, trying to enforce them fairly, and doing your best to keep the lines of communication open. The task of shaping a young person's life is a very personal and painstaking one. This book examines the many ties between raising mature, Christ-like kids, and developing maturity, wisdom, and Christ-likeness in your own life. If there is an "Instruction Manual" that should come with every teen (several years before you have one, actually), THIS IS IT!!!  




Effective Parenting of Teens - Audio-taped seminar by Pastor Reb Bradley. This greatly added-to tape set has been updated and now includes much-needed information on not only "training" but also getting and keeping the heart of your teen.  Too many families are discovering that while their teens may "look good" on the outside, with good behavior, neither they (the parents) nor God really have their heart!  If your teen is gaining in academic knowledge but you don't have their heart, nothing else matters.  This seminar has been increased from 2 tapes to 6 tapes, which is why the price increase, in case you remember this as being $13.  It is MORE than worth every extra dollar, and could totally change the course of your relationship with your teen!   

  (6-tape seminar in nice case; and Syllabus) $36.00



Growing Little Women - by Donna Miller. (Two editions:  One for older girls; one for younger; explained below.)  The subtitle of this book is actually the best way to describe it!  "Capturing teachable moments with your daughter."  On the back cover it says: "It seems that just yesterday you cuddled your baby girl. Your heart filled with hopes and dreams for her future, and you wanted to give her everything she would need to live a fulfilling life and grow to love God. But season followed season, and now her years under your wing are suddenly half over. As she blossoms, you can't help wondering: Am I sharing my insights and experiences with her?  Am I preparing her to become a godly woman?  Am I establishing a bond that will smooth her passage to womanhood?  This book is designed to capture those fleeting moments before she becomes a woman. Within these pages you'll discover engaging stories, fun activities, and lessons on life to be shared between a ... girl and her mother, grandmother or mentor."  (FROM BARB:  It actually says a "9- to 12-year-old girl" but believe that, for homeschoolers who are not as "worldly wise," this book is appropriate for a 10 or 11-year-old all the way through high school.)

       Gloria Gaither says: "There is no richer or more significant time in the developing relationship between a mother and daughter than the years of later childhood and early teens. If mothers and daughters can hold each other close, then they will likely be best friends for life. Growing Little Women is a wonderful collection to build ladders of communication and weave from the fibers of devotion strong ties that bind."

Growing Little Women (for 11ish+)  (Both versions are wire-bound) $12.95

Growing Little Women for Younger Girls (Age 10ish and under) $12.95







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