Sample charts from


The Make-My-Own

Phonics Book:


written by

Barbara Edtl Shelton






The first chart (below) from this book is what one looks like in the book, before the child begins to write in it.  It's just blank, ready for the child's entries!


The actual size of the charts books differs from what's here because everyone's computers use different sizes of fonts. So what I've given here is only to give you an idea of how the book is structured. The actual size of the book is 5 inches wide and 8.5 inches high (1/2 of a sheet of paper), flip-chart style, comb-bound at the top. And two of these charts fit, one one above the other, onto one page of the book.




ai = the "long a"

sound, as in braid












These next 2 charts are what they could look like after your child has begun to fill in the blank boxes with his own discoveries in the world around him, and/or the world you introduce him to. 


I've used a font that looks like handwriting; these are not written in the book. Your child fills it all in over a period of several months or even a couple of years, depending on how long it takes him to catch on or how long you want to take to cover all the sounds and blends. This is why on the cover of the book it says:


"By Barbara Edtl Shelton and ___________ (Your Child)"



ay = long a, as in play



Aunt Gayle  








Note:  It's not necessary for the child to draw pictures for every word! I have added them (via ready-made graphics!) only to give you an idea of what the child could do.  Carlianne ended up drawing pictures of only the words she had inspiration for. Not ALL words even can be drawn, of course, but that's not the idea.



ch = hard ch, as in chair

or soft ch, as in chalet



pork chop 


chunky chicken soup









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The tray of cookies and pork chop are from:

the sunshine is from:

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