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Senior High:

A Home-Designed Form+U+la


by Barb Shelton



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       "You might be pleased to know that I just got done reading your outstanding book. ... I was so excited!! (But you've probably heard that a million or billion times already!) I knew from reading the posts on this SHF-L List and your site that I was going to like it but had no idea how much I was going to LOVE it! Thank you for opening your heart to yet one more organizationally yearning Christian mother!  Now, of course, I'll have to buy your book!  There is no way that my friend is going to let go of her copy of Form+U+la.   I know for certain that I cannot live without having your book for constant reference. I had already dabbled with my own system of making hours out of real life but your book was so much more. You have saved me about 10 years of brain mush and hours and hours of hard work with that book. A mere "Thank you" (or minimal financial gain) is hardly enough for the work that you put into that book"!   ~ Rhonda; homeschooling mom of 3 for 4 years; Paris, Missouri




       "I wanted to let you know that I'm swallowing your entire book (Senior High Form+U+la) like a huge dose of chocolate!  Thanks!"    ~ Diane Leasure; homeschool mom of 2 girls in WA state


       "I was so nervous about starting high school. We just finished our first year of homeschooling so I am just a rookie at this. The idea of high school at home was causing quite a bit of fear in me. (That is the understatement of the century!!) I got Barb's book and read it cover to cover. It will take you some time to do this (but well worth it). I knew I had been spending a great deal of time in the book when I dreamed about Barb and Tory one night. (Seriously, I did!!) The book is such a blessing. It lays aside any fears you could possibly have about the high school endeavor. And what freedom!! To know that we have four years of discovery, discipleship and fun ahead of us is quite a change in attitude from just a couple of months ago. Barb has laid out her life in front of us in such a way that you feel like you have spent time with a dear friend. Her heart is so evident in the book but you have to read it all to get it. (NO SKIMMING ALLOWED!! ) I am now looking forward to the high school journey because it is no longer intimidating but just an extension of our lives. Barb shows that it doesn't have to be overwhelming or something to be feared. I have to wholeheartedly agree with Barb when she said "Please do not sign up for ANY program until after you have read it cover to cover, maybe even a couple of times through ~ only because you can't really take it all in the first time, when your ideas are still in the "gelatinous, getting-transformed" phase. After the Lord has started changing them, you will see everything differently and feel quite differently about it."  Don't make the investment in a "canned" curriculum. I truly believe you won't be sorry for reading her book first.   ~ Donna C., homeschool mom of 3



       "Entering the high school years never intimidated me even though I don't understand algebra and couldn't pass chemistry to save my life! I believe this is a result of reading Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la by Barbara Shelton well before we got there. This book helped us set up a plan looking at all of life's learning as potential school credit. Legos, Labrador Retrievers, and yes, even laundry are real life and full of educational opportunities. They are not just extra credit with Formula. "High School is fun!" my son said. I agree. Bless you Barb, for writing it!"    ~ Lorrie Flem, publisher of TEACH Magazine, a magazine for Christian homeschooling moms. I, Barb, contribute to each issue.)



       "Barbara, the homeschool community here in Raleigh, North Carolina loves your book. Thanks again for the freedom Christ gives through it."   ~Julia Harris, homeschooling mom of 2 for 9 years



       "Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la is a must-have for homeschooling the high schooler. We just started high school (in March) with our oldest daughter and I actually just started reading and using the book last November. I am recommending to all my friends to start reading this book while their children are in junior high!  We have never taught our children using a traditional textbook approach and, though I guess you could say we use a "packaged" curriculum because we use Sonlight, I was still confused as to how I was going to record all of this for credits in high school. Barb's book helped me see my daughter's education in a whole different light. It challenged me to rethink traditional high school credits. It taught me to include the real life experiences in those credits. There is an abundance f record keeping forms to help you keep track of credits and to help you end up with an impressive transcript and portfolio.  It has already helped my daughter be independent in her studies. It is fun to see her tackling her books and finishing projects in her own initiative. I am grateful that Barb has shared her wonderful and creative ways of educating children. Thanks Barb!!    ~Cyndi Clack; Homeschooling Mom of 8 


       "I just purchased your Senior High Form+U+la and LOVE it. I have been dreading high school, feeling inadequate, unprepared and totally ignorant of what to do. Through word of mouth I found your book. After reading it for only a couple hours I had complete peace about the next four years...and actually I can't wait to get started. I have ripped it apart, literally, to put it into a more usable notebook form, and am working on digesting all the material. ... I just bought your Lab Science book, also. I am telling everyone I know about these books. They are so easy to read and I love the way you write. I felt like you were in the room with me and we were laughing together is some parts, crying in others."    ~Dawna R.; homeschool mom of 2 for 8 years in NJ



       "I was so disappointed to have come to the end of your book, as reading was such a joy and felt like I was being ministered to by a friend."    ~Rhonda Q.; WA

       "Dear Barb, I'm sold on your Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la!  It is very easy, enjoyable reading; you have made it very understandable, and the humor is great!  This past year, which has not been the first year of homeschooling for us, but the first year of high school, has been a disaster. I thought that since it was high school now, we needed to buckle down, take the textbooks 'by the horns' and just DO IT. The joy went right out the window. But then a friend loaned me your manual. I took it home and spent the next couple of days reading it cover to cover. It was like God was trying to tell me something. I'm convinced this is exactly what we need."   ~Karen S.; CA



       "I'd like to thank you for your wonderful senior high book. I love your conversational style, and, as your reviewers have stated, this was so filled with Jesus... I really love your approach to subjects such as Fine Arts, Home Ec, Life Skills, etc.; spreading them out over the course of high school. This is a fantastic approach and is really the way it should be done. I love your forms for tallying hours. This keeps the pressure off of everyone to cram everything into a short period of time... Finally, your insights into creating "classes" or "units" within "courses" is invaluable for truly customizing high school courses that minister to the student while fulfilling content requirements."    ~Megan; Homeschool Mom


       "I am sending this to you because I almost feel like I know you through your book Form+U+la. What a great help to me. I found out about homeschooling when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 14. I have been involved in homeschooling ever since. But when she was ready for high school, I was ready to panic. I always figured I could do it, but when it actually got here, I was afraid of mistakes. Thanks!!  A thousand times, Thanks!!!!!"   ~Teresa W., homeschooling mom of 4, homeschooling stepmom of 3, and now (step)grandmother of 5. Homeschooling in WV since 1985   


       "I've been consuming your book ever since I received it. It is a wonderful book and I can't wait to start applying the things I've read in there. It's just such a freedom to know I'm not locked into using only textbooks for high school. This is the type of schooling I've always envisioned doing."   ~Debi B



       "I am so thrilled to have discovered your book! It is a wonderful answer to prayer! Your book outlines exactly what I've wanted to do and AM doing, but didn't quite know how to give it authenticity and how to record it. When I showed some of the forms to my kids, they were equally thrilled... I was not at the panic stage, just anxiety, but I knew God would show me how, and He did ~ through your book."   (Name withheld)

       "I'm always so encouraged when I read your materials. I really appreciated reading in your materials that we shouldn't allow FEAR to keep us from homeschooling through high school. I know that's where I'm at right now. I've only just discovered the freedom in an eclectic approach to homeschooling. I am developing my own educational philosophies and would like to continue with them through high school. But I go through serious self-doubts of my qualifications to plan a high school curriculum and feel that I may have to compromise and go with a more traditional curriculum. I look at the textbooks and they look so tedious and boring. I really want to do things a different way. When I read your materials and book, it gives me hope. I have two years before my son hits high school and I plan to do my homework. I'm praying a lot about this.    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you."   ~Cheryl in Oregon

       "Barbara's book Sr. High Form+U+la is like having many conversations with a good friend. It's not an easy read, definitely not meant to be read in one sitting, however, it is inspirational, funny and I've found it to be very helpful."   (Name withheld)

       "We have been homeschooling for a little more than 5 years. I bought and devoured Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la this spring and I can't tell you how it eased the burden I was preparing to shoulder "all by myself" about getting into "high school."  Thanks Barb    We are so excited about learning more about what God is leading us to!"   ~Amy B.; WA



       "I was dreading next year (our first year of high school} so much, but after reading your books I am getting so excited at the possibilities. I have started my season of re-education and didn't realize it until I started reading the books. My eyes have been opened up to so much. I am now seeking God's will, and not trying to do it on my own. Thank you for your great books!"   ~ Dawn Stringer  (Visit her homeschool website!  But be sure to come right back!  )



       "It is comforting to me to have a "Barb" amongst "Marilyn's" material.      I feel Barb's "go", her constantly changing charts (even if it's just a different "dot" for her bullets), her overflow of ideas, her interest in LEARNING is SO apparent!!!  Barb, you make me feel like I can do this!!!  ...  WE are the only high school homeschoolers I know that are not doing "school at home" like the [unnamed] videos or something.    They mostly look at me clueless when I mention that we probably won't partake in the science fair this year cuz we are not doing science this year!!!  HORRORS!"   ~Sis C.; WA



       "I have to say that your message and materials have given our homeschool a new lease on life!!! The Lord has used you so many ways to remind me that HE is in control and I have been blessed by HIS leading in my life beyond words that I can express."   ~ Phyllis N.; homeschooling mom in Mass.






[From Barb:]   Cindy W. had posted information about my materials on the WWOL email list.  Another mom had responded:


       "I wanted to thank you for posting all the info about Barb's stuff when responding to "What does a lifestyle of learning look like?" 


So Cindy came back and responded:
       "You're welcome!     I'm just one of those people who cannot keep quiet about something when I'm excited about it! Barb's materials have been an answer to prayer for me. I want to have a lifestyle of learning, but without some sort of direction and structure, I would end up getting absolutely nothing accomplished...  so I think her things are the perfect balance for me."  ~Cindy W.

Now, in response to this, I (Barb) would like to say that, since writing Wisdom's Way of Learning, Marilyn has come out with several wonderful books that help further explain this message, and that also help you in applying this message to your homeschool in very practical ways.  One is Developing a Lifestyle Routine, another is Get to Know Your Children, and another Develop Vision for Your Family.  I have to tell you that these books (and all her others as well) are NOT just "nice extra's"; they are foundational to your being (becoming) able, free, and equipped to walk in all that God has for your family!  I cannot stress this enough!  Even if you never read another word of my books, GET MARILYN'S BOOKS!  They will help take you where you really want to be in homeschooling. Contrary to what it may seem, this is not a heavy message, as some have viewed it.  It does require thinking and rethinking through of things, a willingness to shed old, fruitless ways, and a boldness to walk a way that is different from the world, but I assure you it will be WELL worth every bit of effort you expend and all the "dying to self" you do in the process. "Unless a seed is sown into the ground and dies, it remains fruitless."  Allow your old ideas to be buried; it is only then that God will be free to bring all the life and fruit into your home, relationships, and education that He desires and that we as parents so long for.  The world will not get us there!  Only "laying it all down at the feet of Jesus" and being willing to let Him lead us will!




   Here is a precious letter I received:                              

Dear Barb,

After many restless nights and a lot of worry, I just finished reading your book and am still feeling a "Spiritual
Homeschool High."  Last year we took a wrong turn in our homeschool and realized it before it could have actually ruined the freedom in our learning that we so desire. My daughter just started 10th grade and with the Lords help and the help and resources I've gained through your book we are on our way to a great learning process that will be with us and sustain us the rest of our lives. I also was one of the many who thought that high school credits had to be obtained through the textbooks (ok for some but not us) or we would miss out on something important. We know what is REALLY important but hearing someone like yourself reinforce it and after praying and meditating on what God finds important I think we are on our way to becoming more like what he wants us to be. Thank you for giving me and others with the same choices before them the opportunity to grow in our homeschooling efforts AND more importantly to grow by listening to what the Lord is trying to relay to us. 

We are all reading Senior High: A Home Designed Form+U+La (my daughter liked the picture of Tory on the front and thought it might be worth reading) ... 

I'll add one more thought: After moving here about 7 months ago we found that we had to fully rely on God. We left all our friends and family because of my husbands job. We were very comfortable but even at that time we knew that God wanted something else to come from our homeschooling but we were not giving him the full control that he deserves. We probably would not have ever read your book had the circumstances not moved us to do so. God was preparing our hearts for the change long before we realized it. Thank you again for making high school attainable for those of us who choose Gods way.

Philippians 4:13, 
Tanya L.



And (last but not least) here is a Testimony on my message:        



I'm CJ and I have just joined this list. (She's referring to the Sr. High Form+U+la List.)  I met Barb at the Washington State Home School Conference, and was sooooo blessed by her message. (Remember me Barb?)


I have just started reading her Form+U+la book, and have found a great deal of peace enter my life as I read. I have been homeschooling for 10 years now, and have spent the last 7 doing delight directed unit studies and year-round "life education".


While I have never worried as such about teaching through high school, (we are in it for the long haul), I needed to know how to use those unit studies in high school and still receive credits IF my kids go to college.


I found something else happen when I read Barb's book. First of all, because it kept pointing me back to The One who knows my kids best, I found my relationship with Him being fanned into a larger flame again. Also, as an added benefit, I found that deep down inside, I was a teeny bit worried about "messin' things up fer the kidlets!".  As I read the book, I find that fears I didn't even know I had are gently brought to the surface, and laid to rest by a loving Daddy God. (It was so cool to read that she calls him that in her book. I have used that for years!) 


I look forward to getting to know all of you on the list. I am a relaxed homeschooler who is so relaxed I may fall over at times.     My three kids daughter at 14, son at 11, and another son at 9 are great, and enjoy what we do. They are the ones that say "poor kids" as we drive by a school, and do the "ehhhhh, wrong answer" bit at science museums when the guide tries to feed them evolutionary garbage. I am excited about the coming years. 


Thank you, Barb, for providing a forum where we can learn from each other, and make new friends!


~ Love, CJ in WA 




(425 pages; Softbound)  $28.95

(425 pages; Softbound; Slightly Defective Cover)  $26.95




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