This is a letter I received from a homeschool mom in California:              


Four Things

I Like Best About




Review by Sue Howe

(Book by Barb Shelton)



Dear Barb,


I want to thank you for Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la.  I don't know whether it's better as a devotional or as a high school help, but it really "fits the bill" for both. Normally, I try to do a bit of devotional-type reading in bed before I go to sleep, and I knew I had a special book on high school, (a special book ~ period) when my morning or afternoon reading of "A Home Designed Form+U+la" ended up being extended to include my bedtime reading slot. I looked forward to reading it at that special time, and I don't feel that about many books.


The best thing I liked about the book was feeling I was in the Holy of Holies. Your constant encouragement of what you have received there ~ personally, and for life's education for yourself and your children ~ made me feel like "I've got to pray myself!"  But it was not out of the too-usual duty, obligation, and dreary necessity, but that deep inner necessity of heart's desire and eager anticipation of living water for myself, our family's education in life, and the living presence of Christ. And your direction to "go ask Him for what He has for you" is gold.


Your book has living water. It also helped me feel free-er to be a pioneer and not a sheep-fold sheep ~ either to follow the traditional school way or to do what "all the other" homeschool families are doing.


The second thing I like best about Form+U+la is your heart coming out all over. Your (contagious) joy ~ especially when mine is ebbing or gone ~ your jokes, your "snide" thought-comments (on "How One Feels Under Pressure and Attack but Responds with a Gracious Tongue and a Growing Heart of Compassion 101"), your tears - in short, you shared yourself.  Wow, what a gift and treasure.


The third thing I like best is your forms and the information and help about forming the content of classes, alternate ways of teaching subjects ~ like real-life stuff that everybody likes, but who'd have thought it would ever "count," and how would I record it, anyhow?  The forms are why I actually bought the book originally. (Mary Schofield in The High School Handbook spoke of and showed some, and I said, "I need those!")  Your comments about "school-at-home" burnout were so true, and your alternative of true homeschooling (life with learning and books) is a light in a dark place. (I have six wonderful, active, live-wire kids!)


The fourth thing I like best (and I would say this is not too far down on my list) is your way of writing, so that by parentheses, different size fonts, quips, and all your other means, I feel like I'm sitting across the table from a welcome friend drinking tea (the fourth cup), and chatting about all this school stuff and the Lord.


Love, Sue Howe; California





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