Season of Re-education

& Renewing of the Mind




Course Contents

for the

Season of Re-education

& Renewing of the Mind



Here is a list of all the items for this

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All Lifestyle of Learning books

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Blue Print = Required for course; available through us


Orchid Print = Required for course; available from Howshalls


Gold Print = Choice of several options, must choose ONE


Green Print = These items are optional for the course; required

       only if you have a need for them




Foundational Portion

of the Course (Season)


For all parents with children of all ages


Course Enrollment Fee ($15) If you are wanting a Certificate of Completion of us, or need a Certification of Participation"


Course Syllabus ($7) (This is NOT included in the Guide-a-log or online. This book is like a "guided journal" through the course, giving you a place to record what the Lord is doing in and speaking to you; what you're getting out of it. This is a very simple approach, with each page consisting of two charts for two different books of the course, with a few questions for you to answer; to personalize what you are reading. Here is a Sample page from "Season of Re-education" Syllabus  just to give you an idea of what it's like - and how simple and personalized it really is. For those taking this course to "qualify" to homeschool in Washington state, the syllabus must be photocopied when you are done and sent to us.)


A Time to Seek God ($3.95)

Dating: Is It Worth the Risk? ($5.00)

Discerning of Spirits ($3.95)

Dumbing Us Down ($11.95)

Fig Leaves ($4.00)

Home Education Myths ($1.50)

Homeschool Guide-a-log ($7.00) - Here is the

       Homeschool Guide-a-log Table of Contents so you can see what all is in it. 

Homeschooling for Excellence ($12.95)

Itís About Time ($3.00)

Let Go ($5.99)

Out of Fear & Burn-out; Into Focus, Freedom &  Refreshment Audio-taped Seminar + Handouts  by Barb Shelton ($10.00)

Personal Self-Questionnaire for Homeschool Moms (included in the Course Syllabus)

Prayer: Beholding Godís Glory ($2.50)

Scripture Verse Study (included in the Course Syllabus)

Seven Natural Vital Signs of the Learning Process audio tape ($4.00)

Shepherding a Childís Heart ($14.00)

Soft Answers to Hard Questions (included in the Course Syllabus)

The Christian Home School ($13.00)

The Great Escape ($10.00)

The Key to Your Childís Heart ($7.00)

The Release of the Spirit ($7.00)



Lifestyle of Learning Books:  We have only two titles left of these books.  The Howshall's discontinued all publication of their books some time ago, and we purchased the remainder of their inventory, all of which is now gone, with the exception of two titles.  However, since our course was built on and around these books, and hundreds of homeschool moms are in the process of taking this course (having invested countless hours and a good chunk o' coin into the resources for this course), we have made these books available another way.  Please go here for a Short Intro to Lifestyle of Learning Library.


Wisdom's Way of Learning (4-book set)

The Lifestyle of Learning Approach: An Introduction

As God Parents You, Parent Your Children

Become a Homeschooled Mom

(Understand the) Mystery of the Gospel

"Come Home" From Homeschool

Develop a Lifestyle Routine

Develop Vision for Your Family

Get to Know Your Children

Making a Homeschool Decision  (was Handbook With An Answer) 

My Journey in Search for the Way

Walk by the Spirit in Your Homeschool Decisions

Discover the Secrets of Solitude



Word Study on "Education"  (included in the Course Syllabus)

Word Study on "Knowledge"  (included in the Course Syllabus)

Word Study on "Learn"  (included in the Course Syllabus)

Word Alive Study  (included in the Course Syllabus)


Choice of ONE of these 2 books:

N.E.A.: Trojan Horse of American Education ($19.95)

The Right Choice: Homeschooling ($14)


The following resources are "required" ONLY if YOU feel the need for them in your situation:


OPTIONAL:  ONE Home Organization Resource: (Remember, only if you need it) :

The Messies' Manual (NEW revision)  ($12.95)    

Sidetracked Home Executives ($9.95)


OPTIONAL:  For working or over-busy moms who are not quite convinced that they need or can afford to stay home:

Gatekeepers at Home by Pamala Vincent ($14.95)


OPTIONAL: Order this ONLY if you don't already have a concordance:

Cruden's Complete Concordance - Deluxe ($9.95)


OPTIONAL:  Order this ONLY if you have a child with a "bad attitude" or rebellious heart, or if you see signs of such developing in your child: 

Changing the Heart of a Rebel ($6.00)


OPTIONAL: For further edification, enlightenment and encouragement:

Beyond Survival ($13.00)

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook ($12.99) 




Younger Children



For parents with children ages 12 and under



Better Late Than Early ($8.95)

Booklet Building Book ($8.50)

For the Childrenís Sake ($12.95)

Home Grown Kids ($10.95)

Homeschool Jumpstart Navigator (for Younger Children) ($8)

Real-life Homeschool Record-Keeping & Organizing ($12.95)

Teacherís College Record ("Research & Common Sense") ($2)

Child Training Tips ($8)

To Train Up a Child ($5)





Junior/Senior High



For parents with children ages 12 and up


Choosing Your Own Senior High Framework & Filling It with Good  Stuff Audio-taped Seminar + Handouts by Barb Shelton ($10)


High School Handbook by Mary Schofield ($21.95)


Homeschooling the High Schooler by Diana McAlister and Candice Oneschak | ($25)


Sr./Jr. High Portions of the Homeschool Guide-a-log (all of which are here at my website in the High School section of the Article Chart)


Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la by Barb Shelton ($28.95)


Parenting Adolescents by Kevin Huggins ($15)


Effective Parenting of Teens (6-tape set) by Pastor Reb Bradley ($32)



[There are no

Lifestyle of Learning books for this level.]





REMEMBER!!!    This is a SEASON!  Not a sprint to cram all these books into your head in a short period of time!  If you want to reap all you can from it, you need to allow God to take you through this season in His timing and His order.  Please do not skip ANY of the rest of the sections of this "Season..." area if you want to fully understand what it's all about and not "OD" on it!


Are you beginning to see that this course/season is really a "major overhaul" on all the areas of your life - not just "homeschooling" - that are in need of attention and change?  That's because "homeschooling" is not a separate "area" of your life; it IS your life!  However, the Holy Spirit knows just how to lead you through this season without overwhelming you.


Note that many of the above resources are not full-size books, but are booklets or small books. Also, if you take this course to earn a Certificate of Completion from us, not all of each of the above is required reading; for some of the books, only specified portions are use. It's all explained fully in the Course Syllabus.


All authors are given with the write-ups for each of these books, and the write-ups on all of the above resources (except the Lifestyle of Learning books) are scattered throughout the various sections of our online catalog and have a quilt square next to them so that you can easily identify them as being part of the course.





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