Season of Re-education

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My Prior Video-Correspondence Course



It's not necessary to read this segment

if you haven't even heard of the above. But since I

 offered it for about 7 years, many have heard

of it, and will need for this to be clarified

or they'll be confused and expecting

the wrong thing.



Many have previously heard of this as being "the video-correspondence course," so, to eliminate confusion, I want to explain why we have totally changed the format...


I originally put the course together in 1992, before I became aware of the "Lifestyle of Learning" message by Marilyn Howshall.  Since then, because of her materials and several others I have since read, my ideas, methods, and perspective on homeschooling have been greatly altered and affected for the better!  Therefore, much of what I originally presented in the videos has now either changed or is no longer valid or what I hold true. Some of it has just been much more developed or the focus shifted.


But unfortunately you can't just edit existing videos; you have to start from scratch, and I am unable to do so at this time, financially or time-wise.


This new course is much more in sync with what I now believe about education and is an expansion and fine-tuning of the 12-step plans for re-education I originally presented (and have since greatly revised) in the Homeschool Jumpstart Navigators, if you have seen those.  And if you have, they are now very much outdated. My greatly revised and improved suggestion for such a "Season" is presented right here in this section.


Now, instead of renting the videos and sending the various parts of the course materials back and forth, all of the materials are purchased and kept, making it much simpler for all!  Yes, it was probably more fun and handy to see a semi-live person (via video; namely me), but I believe this new course is much more edifying!  Plus it will fit more naturally into your "lifestyle of learning," giving you an opportunity to be an example to your children as you model a "yearning for learning."


As for all the books, you will be building a wonderful home library in the process and thus getting much more for your money than with the old course!  You will also have books to loan out to friends who, because of the wonderful fruit they're going to see in your life, will want to start reading whatever you're reading too!


Some of the content of this new course is the same as the old, but I have, as mentioned, taken out the videos, and created a whole new course (using some of the original recipe) using several books and audio tapes which will be very eye-opening, practical, and life-changing as you enter the home education arena. 





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