Season of Re-education

& Renewing of the Mind




Setting Up A

Jump(Re)Start Plan

for Your Child

(If You Feel You Need To)



As the Mom, you may be ready to get going on your "season of re-education" but your husband and children, who do not yet have the advantage of having done some reading and some "load lightening," may be feeling - and putting on you - pressure to get going on "school."


Even if it your plan is going to include very little "academics" at this point, you are going to want to have some sort of routine for your day, and some plan to bring order to your and your family's days.   


So if you feel you really need to get your child(ren) set up on some sort of academic plan before starting your "Season of Re-education," feel free to go ahead and do so first. However, please understand that I'm not saying that I feel you need to get into "academics" if you are comfortable with not doing so!  I just don't want you to be distracted from getting all you can out of this season. 


Before you start to set up your plan, and whether you are just beginning to homeschool for the very first time or if you are RE-starting having burned out on (or become disillusioned with) too much "school at home," please, I beg of you, read Janie Levine's article in the "Just Deciding to (Re)Start to Homeschool" section entitled "Bringing Them Home." This will be tremendously helpful to you in either case.


If you do have children you are wanting to get going on a homeschool plan, I have some practical help for you in the form of two books I have written:


1) Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la is for those with high schoolers, or "mature" (at the older end) junior high age students. To get them "jumpstarted" onto a "lite and do-able plan" please see the "Jumpstart Plan for Sr./Jr. High" section of the new 1999 edition of the book, at the very beginning of the book.  If you have a previous edition of Form+U+la (no full-color photos of our family on the front; just gold and black), then you can use the Jumpstart Plan for Sr./Jr. High section of the Guide-a-log.  This will just be to get you started.  After you have read more of the books in the "Season of Re-education," thoroughly studied Form+U+la, gotten to know your children better, and gotten to know the Lord better and especially what He has to say in the arena of "education," you will go back later and re-set up a larger-scoped "Master Framework Plan" that will be more in line with your newly developing thinking.  I guarantee you will relax and feel better about it all by then, and you'll feel much more equipped -- only because you will be!   


2) The Homeschool Jumpstart Navigator for Younger Children is for those with children twelve (or a "younger" junior high) and under.  This book has lots of practical help, ideas, and forms for real life learning.


Almost everything you'll need to get them started on a "lite" and do-able plan, no matter what your style or "bent," and using stuff you have around home or can get from the library, is contained in these two books!





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