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Whether or not you live in Washington

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Known as a "Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind," a "home-based ed course," and a "homeschool qualifying course," this course, designed by Barb Shelton, is done entirely in your own home, at your own pace. It is not a "quick fix."  For it to be the most effective and deep-rooting in your life, you need to plan on taking several months to do it.  If you have two or three years, all the better!  Life-changing things are never quick if they are to also be long-lasting.


However, we know not everyone has that much time.   In fact, some are in great need of getting "qualified" quickly due to an adverse situation with a school district. If you are in this situation, I still don't have a "quick fix" for you, as you are still in as much need of a thoroughly-equipping course, but it is for people in your situation that a "Certificate of Participation" is included in the course ~ so that you can present to whomever you feel is in need of seeing it. However, please finish reading this page, as well as the article on "Obeying the Law, Testing..." (click on school house to go to it) that I'll be linking you to in just a moment before making a decision. I just want you to be as informed as possible so that your decision will not be rash, but thoroughly and calmly thought-out.


In Washington State there are four different ways to "qualify" to homeschool. (See my webpage WA State Homeschool Law for full info on this.)  One of these is to take a "course in home-based instruction sponsored by a post-secondary institution."  My course has been approved and is sponsored by Triune Biblical University which is a small Bible-believing, Bible-teaching college, as well as by Online Bible College.)  So it will "qualify" a parent to homeschool in Washington State.


Offered by author, speaker and 24-year homeschool veteran, Barb Shelton ~ who has graduated two of her three children, having homeschooled them from scratch ~ this course consists primarily of reading materials and audio CD's.  There are no tests, no right or wrong answers; just your own processing of the material with the aid of the Holy Spirit. In the course syllabus, you "journal-respond" to the material in the course syllabus, recording your own thoughts and responses.  When you are all done with everything, you send a copy of your course syllabus to us. (Specifics on all this are in the explanation of the course.) 


One of the four ways to "qualify" to homeschool in Washington State is by having one year of college.  And, of course, most other states don't even have this option.  My hope is that, even ~ if not especially if you "qualify" with a year of college, even if you live in a state that does not require a course, you will still take a course in homeschooling as "school" and "homeschool" are completely different in nature ~ unless your hope is to burn out your children as well as yourself and miss the wonderful stuff God has for you! 


The more "schooling" you have behind you, the more you need to be "de-schooled"!  I guarantee that if you do not listen now, you will listen later ~ after having wasted a lot of precious time and money, and with much more to redeem and fix than if you had been willing to shed your "school at home" mentality early on.  I have been at this for 31 years now (as of February 2014) and couldn't even begin to count the number of people who refused to listen to this message at the beginning, but then burnt out, and came back to me months or years later, with poor fruit, deeply regretful that they did not have a teachable heart much sooner.


The foundation of my message is that we each need to seek God on HIS idea of education, and then listen to and HEED His voice over the many loud voices of the world. His burden ~ even for educating our children ~ is easy, His yoke is light. The world's ways are heavy and ill-fitting, but it's all we know! And until we put ourselves through a "Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind" (which the Holy Spirit can lead you through even without this course!), we will continue to think we need to do it the world's way, and spend hundreds of dollars doing so. God has something better, but it's unique for each family. This course is designed to help increase your ability to hear God for the education of your children, but first, the education of Mom (and Dad)!     In fact, Marilyn Howshall has written a book on this very topic!  Here is an excerpt from it that would be well-worth your time to read.


Here is the description of my homeschool course.  What all is included in it is listed on that page.


Answers to the common questions such as "How much does it cost?"  "How long will it take?"  "How can I make time for this?"  "What does the course consist of?"  "What order should I do this in?"  "How do I get started?" and several others begin at this page here at my Homeschool Oasis website.  If you are thinking of taking this course, please start there and read the entire page.  If you still have questions after that, please feel free to email me(Let me lovingly reinforce that I need to ask that you not contact me before reading everything I have there. Almost invariably, every question most people have is answered somewhere in there. Our only staff for our home-based homeschool business/ministry is my husband and myself, so every minute answering unnecessary questions (that we've already answered) is time away from our family and the other things God would have us doing.)


One last thing...  I would be remiss in my moral responsibility to you as brothers and sisters in the Lord if I presented information on my "qualifying" course without telling you that you need to consider the whole "render to God what is God's, and to Caesar what is Caesar's" issue.  Did you notice that every time I have used the word "qualify(ing)" herein it has been in parentheses?  I have good reason for my doing so.    Please read my "Obeying the Law, Testing, and Qualifying to Homeschool" article for my thoughts and convictions on this.  It is long, but it is very important.  Please take some time to read that before making your decision on taking a homeschool course ~ mine or anyone's.





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