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V*Enna on Tour in Canada and U.S.

January and February 2001


V*Enna will be on tour in Canada for a week and then in the States for three weeks.  The Canada tour will be on their own; the states tour with Phil Joel and Earth Suit. Go to the Tour Page at V*Enna dot com to see the latest updated tour schedule!  (One of the highlights of this tour was that they got to perform in Sharnessa's home town of Longview, Washington the very first time! Even on very short notice (two weeks!) and with three other major events going on the same night, the turn-out was excellent!!  It was a night to remember!!!  (Pictures coming as soon as I can figure out how to retrieve digital photos from the CD-rom disk they were given to me on!)



"Where I Wanna Be"

Makes # 5 on Christian Hit Radio Chart!



"Where I Wanna Be" hits # 5 on Jamsline's Contemporary Christian Hit Radio chart!  As of Sept. 18th, it's been on the Top 20 list for 11 weeks!  


Another chart to follow is CCM's (Contemporary Christian Music) which you can get to right here.  On that chart they are currently # 6!



V*Enna begins Fall Tour



V*Enna starts their fall tour in the states, opening for Raze!  See V*Enna's Tour Schedule to see if they'll be coming to a location near you!  


They will be in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, Sept. 23rd, and we ~ her family ~ will be at that one!  If you go (and recognize me), please come up to me and say HELLO!  This will be our first time of getting to see her perform with V*Enna, well other than in our family room!  So this'll be "the real thing"!  


Carlianne and I and three friends will also be going to Hermiston, Oregon to see them there on Sept. 27th! 




Become an Essential Records iRep!


Did you know that anyone can become an Essential iRep (iRep = "internet representative) and spread the word about the latest on V*Enna. All you have to do is click on the link below, which will take you to the official V*Enna iRep Launch Pad. After you sign up, you'll be directed to a personalized web page that contains all the information you'll need to blast the internet with news about V*Enna ~ and any other artist you choose ~ and their new album(s) coming out this fall.  You must sign up at the following link: V*Enna:  I did it, and it's actually kinda fun!  Once you get signed up (which is very fast and easy), there'll be a place right on the opening page where you can get the CD for only $9.88!  And if you order 3 or more, they'll ship it to you for free! (This applies to other CD's as well! Not just V*Enna!) I noticed that part of being an iRep is that they send all these iReps to various message boards so that V*Enna is represented all over the internet. They've really got this figured out and organized! They just need our help to actually get word out!



A V*Enna song will be on

the "Left Behind" soundtrack!


V*Enna is on "Left Behind" soundtrack!!!!!!  What a blessing!!!!!!!  Curt Cameron is starring in this, and the release date is October 3rd.  You can read more about it at this page on  (I'm not sure how long they keep pages up, so if it's no longer accessible, let me know so I can remove this link.)  The song they're going to use is "All the Way to Heaven!  Very fitting for a movie of this nature!  :::SIGH:::  Now we've got one MORE date to wait for a release! 



Important Note!!!!!


People calling in to their favorite Christian radio station make all the difference in the world! ~ for both how high the rating goes, and how frequently they'll play it (they typically want to please their listeners). And the higher the rating, the greater the exposure and free advertising for the group!  Thanks to those of you who are making calls, it is now on "High Rotation" on 39 stations, and "Medium Rotation" on 20 stations!  (It's not on "Low Rotation" on ANY stations, which is great!)  



"Where I Wanna Be"

Released to Radio Stations

~Late Summer~


The "theme song" of the upcoming full CD entitled "Where I Wanna Be" was released to radio stations.  You can hear it at a few websites including V*Enna's website,, and Music Force



Sharnessa and Sam married!

August 19th, 2000


On August 19th Sharnessa Shelton said "I do" to Samuel Sandén. They were married in Kelso, Washington, where she grew up. (Longview actually)




V*Enna in the U.S.

doing first U.S. tour

June and July, 2000


V*Enna is in the States touring mostly the East Coast. This is just a mini-tour; their full "proper" tour will begin in September.  More details on dates and places later.



V*Enna will participate in

GMA in Nashville, TN


GMA (Gospel Music Association) runs from April 16 through 21 in Nashville, TN. This is a wonderful opportunity to get exposure in the Christian music arena.  They will do an 8-minute medley of songs (dance too) and will do interviews all week.




"All the Way to Heaven" in its 6th week

of being #1 in Christian Single Sales


V*Enna's first song "All the Way to Heaven" has remained at #1 in "Christian Single Sales" for five straight weeks now!  Yee-hah!!!  Now this isn't the same as being the #1 song, but it's GOOD!  Right now it's # 11 nationwide!
  See the first announcement on this page again!  (Don't stop calling now!)




V*Enna's First CD

Released to U.S. Public TODAY!


V*Enna's first CD, the maxi-single "All the Way to Heaven," was released to be sold around the U.S. today. If your Christian Bookstore doesn't carry it, ASK for it!  It's by Essential Records which is a division of Provident.




V*Enna's First Song

Released to Radio Stations TODAY!


I want to let you all know that V*Enna's first song, "All the Way to Heaven," is being released on a nation-wide basis to Christian radio stations TODAY!!! (Jan. 24) If you are wanting to help get this song "off the ground," the way to do it at this point is to call your favorite Christian radio station(s) and request it! That's how any group or song takes off, not by anything the group or record company does. The group, of course, creates the music; the record company promotes it and gets word out, but it's the PEOPLE who "make or break" it. So if you like it, you can actually help "make it"!

At the same time, I just want to clarify that I'm not trying to get you to promote something that you aren't already interested in promoting. In other words, I'm not asking you to request the song just for our or even Sharnessa's sake, but ONLY if YOU really do like it yourSELF! 

If you do, the "grassroots" level is where it happens! And even if you aren't one to call in a song, and/or you don't listen to that type of music, we'd love for you to be praying. Tender seeds need the "sunshine" of PRAYER!!!

Helping plant seeds in that grass,
Barb (the proud mama of Sharnessa)

P.S. If you want to hear the song, go to the V*Enna website! (Be sure to include that hyphen in the web address! Otherwise you'll go to the website of a motivational seminar speaker!)  




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