Now we have something much more

powerful to remember when we see the term: "Y2K"! 

Are you ready?  (It's very cool...)




Y2K = Yield 2 (the) King


We are encouraged in the

Word of God to "Be anxious for nothing"

(another translation says: "Don't worry about anything...")

"instead, pray about everything...  By prayer and

supplication make your requests (needs) known to God."

If (when) times get harder, whether they are Y2K-induced

or not, this verse is not going to suddenly become null and

void, but, to the contrary, will become even more

relevant!  And it begins by yielding our hearts and lives to the

only One possessing the power to save, heal, and help

us:  the God Almighty, Our Lord and KING!

When the going gets tough, let us, His beloved children,

not be guilty of "holding on to a form of godliness,

but denying the power therein."  Let us lay

hold of Him and His goodness!



And now a couple of little treats for you...

You can click on the crown above to go to the "Tiara Town"

website.  (But first, finish reading to the bottom of this page.) 

Both of our daughters love tiaras; Carlianne for dress-up, and

Sharnessa will wear one as a bride.  The interest started with 

Sharnessa's name, which means "Pure Holy Princess."  Plus don't girls just simply love tiaras?! I think it's in our blood! Mine included!

In fact, it was seen very early with me!  In the picture below,

"Princess Barbara" (yes, that me!) is 4 years old...



My "royal cloak" is an old skirt of my Mom's, and she and I think that the crown was a joint mother-daughter effort.  (I loved to create things!)  This was 43 years ago and I can still remember how totally royal and elegant I felt walking around in my beautiful crown and cape!  I don't want to over-spiritualize the experience, but I believe there was something very significant about this of which I had no understanding at the time, but must have sensed in my four-year-old heart and spirit: That we are truly God's beloved and precious daughters (and sons!), adopted as His own, children of the King, and therefore of royal heritage! -- princesses (and princes) in the purest sense of the word!




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P.S. I can't take credit for thinking up the "Y2K = Yield 2 (the) King." I don't know who did; it just came to my e-mailbox one day, but I'm thankful to whomever thought of it!  (And let me know if it was YOU!)