A Valentine

to My Dear Friends:



I send my love

to all my friends,

Those near and far

and wide;

The ones that I

can hug "for reals,"

On whose shoulders

I have cried.

And those I, from a

distance, know,

And share

a "cyber-bond";

For all of you

are dear to me;

Sweet gifts from

God above!


By Barb Shelton




If I could send each of you a cookie,

I would, but this will have to do:


And especially for my dear Swedish friends:

Sam (Sharnessa's financÚ,) Sam's family, and Helena

who did much of the lovely artwork

here at my website:


With love and gratefulness,

Barb Shelton




I got the roses, checked heart, white-dotted background,

and Swedish "Welcome Friends" sign at:


 the red gingham background from:


and the chocolate chip cookie sign from:





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