Special Thanks


Somer Gauthier,


Samuel Sandén,


Kelli Johnson


...for their gracious encouragement and expert help in getting me started at web page design...


Somer designed the "Our Home Our School" website that my pages are at, and Kelli Somer helped and encouraged me take the Big Leap into trying my very unsteady hand at what seemed to me to be (and was!) far more difficult than I was capable of doing on my own.  I couldn't believe her when she told me I was going to love it!  But she's totally right!!!


Kelli has designed her own Home Grown Families website and has given me practical help and many helpful tips along the way. 


Without the advice and step-by-step directions of both Somer and Kelli, given with love, patience, and grace, I wouldn't have even attempted the intimidating task of trying to create my own website!


And Sam (Samuel Sandén), who just so happens to be my future son-in-law, has an amazing gifting in web page layout and design, which he has graciously attempted to impart to me.  I should mention, as a disclaimer to him, that anything "cutesy" you see here was NOT his idea    but he does get credit for showing me how to do all  the layout and the - uhhh - you know, "branching" and "forking" stuff!  (This page leads to that, and that one to the next one or two or three, etc..)  His suggestions have made it a lot easier for you to get around here!  



heartfelt gratitude

to you all!




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