Dave and myself (Barb) at our booth at the Valley Home Educators Homeschool Convention

in Modesto, California on July 26, 2013 ~ the day I turned 61!!!


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Books and CD's by Barb Shelton ~ including Sr. High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la, Barb's workshops (audio), Barb's high school forms, Real-Life Learning Tools & Tips for Younger Children book-on-CD, help for Organizing your Home, and more!


Help & refreshment ~ for those new to homeschooling, burning-out, and just plain frustrated with the way homeschooling is going for you!!


Helps and Resources for High School Homeschooling ~ for both parents AND students!


120+ Homeschooling & Parenting Articles ~ to help parents get God's best for their families

Lifestyle of Learning ~ Here you'll find several intro's and reviews of this message, which is the heart of homeschooling, as well as how to purchase these books!!!

Books by Marilyn Howshall ~ This link will take you outside of this website to the Lifestyle of Learning website.  To return here, click your back button.






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