About The Nature

of Jesus


   by Susan Hitchcock




The thought occurred to me as I was laying down to rest one day that... Jesus was a man!!  Not very profound, I know, but He really ministered to me. How would Jesus have acted as a 'man' on the earth? Was he 'masculine' or 'feminine'?  

Would He have gone to a football game and cheered the loudest for His team? Would He have sat with His dear friends, Mary and Martha, and had tea and cookies? Would He weep? Would He work hard in His woodworking shop? Would He go to the ballet? Would He listen to classical music? Would He love art? Would He enjoy the outdoors... boating, fishing, hunting, camp fires, snowmobiling? Would He tell stories? Would He write words that stir the heart? Would He enjoy a banquet? Would He find delight in a treasured teacup? ..... I think "yes"! Because He was always in the presence of His Father!!!
I guess my thought is that whenever we invite Jesus into our 'activity' -- whatever it may be -- He makes it 'pure and holy and right' if our one desire is to please Him. This is definitely called freedom. Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart.  If our heart is to enjoy God and the life He provided so abundantly, then I really believe we can find good in all the things I mentioned.  We are not bound to stereotypes the world might like to bind us in, as "free" as it might think it is.


I think it is entirely possible that Jesus was completely MASCULINE and yet enjoyed ALL the seemingly "girl things."  If I didn't believe this, then I would have to believe that all that I love as a woman would seem worldly, vain and unimportant in my "Divine Bridegroom's" eyes, and I would only feel condemned. Yet Romans 8:1 says that "there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus"!

And so this means that my boys - who want to be like Jesus - are free too!  They are free to build forts on our 40 acres (maybe considered boyish?) and yet sit quietly and enjoy Beatrix Potter. (Maybe considered girlish?)  They can wrestle with intense vigor
(is this a "boy thing"??? It seems to be quite imbedded in them!), yet transform into "cultured little gentlemen" who really love tea parties. They can have "no girls allowed" secret places, yet they can have girls for pen pals. 
Jesus LOVED life - every part of life. He obviously never sinned and yet he could find enjoyment in "even what appeared" not eternal. This is what true education means to me. Finding the JOY in life (whether considered boyish or girlish) and passing that joy onto my boys.




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