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I believe that the greatest excuse from homeschoolers for why they are unable to "loosen up" and lay down text and workbooks (and I'm talking about the over-use of them for "school at home") is this statement that I have heard from literally hundreds of homeschool moms:  "I'm the type that has to have structure," often adding: "I just can't have a free-for-all!"  Here are two deadly underlying misperceptions the above statements reveal:       


1)  They are assuming that text/workbooks ARE able to accomplish "true education." 


2) They are assuming that "natural learning" has no structure.


While the world's idea of "natural learning" often has "free-for-all," undisciplined connotations, God's idea doesn't.  And since He is the one who created nature, whatever inherent nature it has has to reflect its maker.  Is God haphazard?  Disorderly?  Goal-less?  Hardly!  He has placed amazing structure in everything He created.  But the structure He designed for education is far different from the structure the world designed for it!  Marilyn Howshall presents the truth of what it is eloquently and simply...




The Need

For Structure in the

Learning Process

   The following is an excerpt from

a section in Book #1, Chapter 2 of

Wisdom's Way of Learning


Marilyn Howshall




What do we see when we walk into a classroom or a typical homeschool? Are Godly qualities present? For example, some that are demonstrated in God's creation that should also be in the homeschool are: individual expression, life-passion, delight, color-diversity, vital-activity, and growth. What about valuable productivity with a purpose? What is most evident? Structure or a vital learning process?
Similar to God's plan for creation, the educational structure as well can be less apparent than the vital learning process itself. To be truly biblical, the learning approach should be producing the aforementioned godly qualities in our children's lives. If these are not apparent, our structure could be the source of the problem, actually restricting these wonderful qualities from having a chance to come forth.
Maybe our problem is that we are trying to structure the right things in the wrong way. Maybe our structures contain too much rigid, formal duty where there should be more informal delight. Maybe out structures violate our children's natural growth and development timetable. Maybe God even has a natural structure or framework already hidden in His Word for us to discover! Maybe the key to a successful transition toward more natural learning is found in our own mindset. Rather than structuring our lives and homeschools with visible, yet superficially organized systems, educational procedures, and techniques, we simply need to learn a few lifestyle-changing biblical principles that would ultimately and naturally produce the fruit desired.
Even when the need for change is evident, it must be approached thoughtfully. We all need a frame of reference in which to operate. Without it, change of any kind can be dangerous. Lack of structure can lead to the eventual loss of the desired biblical nature of education if we are ignorant of God's Word in the matter. We may accept an unfortunate low standard in place of our ideal. 


The key to the creation of a new structure is that it must be founded on biblical principles. Jesus must be at the head of the family. Biblical principles and goals will provide an anchor for learning activities.








Marilyn's Definition


"Natural Learning"



"A biblical natural learning process is goal-oriented and delight-directed. The formal and informal methods that are used allow for the peculiar personality traits, unique interests, ability levels, and growth time-tables of each child. The plan is facilitated within a structure that allows the freedom necessary to focus on these ideals. At the same time it provides the needed order and framework in which to meet goals." 




What you have just read is just a

delicious "taste" of what's in Wisdom's Way of Learning.

Unfortunately, for reasons we have not been

made aware, the Howshall's have discontinued all

publication of their materials.  The only ones that are left

that we know of are on this page of our website.

(We purchased the remainder of

their inventory.)






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