About My Beanies:


My first Beanie was Chocolate the Moose which I got at a Mariners Game in Seattle, Washington. Since then I collected many other Beanies.  My favorites are bears:  Fuzz, Halo, 1999 Winter Holiday Bear, Glory,  Princess, and 1998 Holiday Teddy.


I bought many of these myself with money I earned, and many of them were given to me as gifts by friends and family who found out I was collecting them.


Eventually I got so many Beanies that I didn't have any place to put them all!  So my Dad built me a shelf to put them all on.  Then my friend and I helped him paint it! 


I had a lot of fun collecting them, especially since my "Aunt Beanie" (a nickname for my Aunt Jean that she had even before she started collecting Beanies) collected them too!  She and I would talk on the phone a lot about Beanies: new ones, ones we found on the Internet and at stores.  I'd even babysit for her and get paid in Beanies!


I still like Beanies, but I came to realize that I had more than enough and decided to just enjoy the ones I have.  (I still buy one here and there, but not much.)




For Sale


I have a 1999 Teenie Beanie Baby set 

for sale!  The set includes:


1) Freckles the Leopard

2) Antsy the Anteater

3) Smoochy the Frog

4) Spunky the Cocker Spaniel

5) Rocket the Blue Jay

6) Iggy the Iguana

7) Strut the Rooster

8) Nuts the Squirrel

9) Claude the Crab

10) Stretchy the Ostrich

11) 'Nook the Husky

12) Chip the Cat



They're all even in their original bags!



(Note from Carlianne's Mom: Carlianne takes EXCELLENT care

of her things, so you can be sure that if she says they are perfect,

they really are!  Plus I have seen them, and they ARE perfect!)


SELLING WHOLE SET ONLY:  I am only selling the whole set together, not individual Teenie Beanies.


PRICE:  $36 for the set, plus $5.00 shipping/handling


HOW TO ORDER: Since I only have ONE set,

you'll need to email me at and ask

me if it's still available. From there I will let

you know where to send the money

and I will get your address.



Note from an older



I wrote and designed my web pages when I was about 12 or 13, so most of them are quite outdated as far as what my hobbies and interests are now.  But I am keeping them here, as they were back when I wrote them, because it's all still part of my past and who I am now.




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