My Collections

State Quarters - These are quarters that were made in 1999. They make five a year, and each one is of a different state, with different things on the back of each one.  For instance, Georgia has a peach, Connecticut has an oak tree, New Jersey has George Washington crossing the Delaware. I am saving one of each in a little case I've made and labeled.

Beanie Babies - I don't collect these any more, but I have I think 80+ Beanie Babies!

Cabbage Patch Kids - I have a few regular size ones and a few of the tiny ones. When I was about 9 I made a book on all my Cabbage Patch Dolls, including where I got them, the name they came with and the name I gave them, and a picture of each one. If you click on the logos it will take you to the Cabbage Patch website, which has a little Cabbage Patch village for the opening page.

Barbie Dolls - I probably started collecting these when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Friends and family knew I loved the, so they started getting them for me for birthdays and Christmas. I stopped collecting them when I was about 11. My 3 favorite Barbie's growing up was My favorite one now is an old fashioned Barbie in a wedding dress; the one to the left. If you click on her, it will take you to the website where you'll find lots of Barbies and fun things to do.


Note from an older



I wrote and designed my web pages when I was about 12 or 13, so most of them are quite outdated as far as what my hobbies and interests are now.  But I am keeping them here, as they were back when I wrote them, because it's all still part of my past and who I am now.




I got the crystal backgrounds at:


and the spinning quarter at:

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