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So what do the "3 R's" stand for?

Well, take your pick from these sixe choices!!!


Rest in the Lord / Reduction of weight

Realignment of priorities / Revitalizing of spirit

Refocusing of mind / Refreshment of heart


Or just take ALL of 'em!


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Season of Re-education &

Renewing of the Mind:


Green = Foundational Portion (for everyone)

Red = Younger Portion (12 and under)

Purple = High School Portion (12 and up)


(If a quilt piece is inside parentheses, that means that

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Fit or Fat    

Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny   

McDougall Plan, The    

Our Story

Praise Walk! Audio Tapes

Sidetracked Home Executives


Weigh Down Diet, The


A New Perspective

on Food and Exercise


"Exercise  doesn't need to be

"sheer drudgery," nor difficult, expensive,

or exposing to worldly values."

Praise Walk! Audio Tape: "Walk By Faith" - As stay-at-home  moms with a great deal of responsibility, it's easy to neglect our own physical fitness. This is not to lay a burden of guilt on anyone! But being in better shape will give you more energy for all the demands on your life. I know, I've been at both ends of the spectrum!  Exercise doesn't need to be "sheer drudgery," nor difficult, nor expensive, nor exposing to worldly values. "Praise! Walk" audio tapes are the ideal solution! I have used these for several years and love them!  I just pop one into my walkman and take off for an invigorating walk around my neighborhood while enjoying and being uplifted spiritually by the music.  I love to praise and worship the Lord right along with it!  (Just a side note: My "ideal workout," in case you'd like to know, is 4 or 5 times a week, to go for a one-mile walk after doing about 10-20 minutes of floor exercise and/or aerobics of some sort.  Like I LOVE exercising to a favorite music CD, like V*Enna which our daughter, Sharnessa, did!!!  (See the red box at the bottom of this page.)  Here's what it says on the back of the box that the tape comes in:  "For aerobic exercise that's upbeat and uplifting, it's Praise! Walk.  This is a wonderful way to work out while listening to joyful, Scripture-based Praise and worship music.  It makes walking ~ whether you already enjoy it or not ~ a totally different experience!!!  (This company produces many different tapes; we just carry this one ~ which just happens to be my favorite!)

$11.98 (1 tape)



I also highly recommend the "Praise Workout Circuit Training Video" - We are unable to get it, but it should be available at your Christian bookstore.  You do this video right in your home!  It's challenging enough to not be boring after only five times through, yet easy enough for even the beginner!  It presents three levels of fitness at the same time so you can start working at the level that's right for you, and then work up from there as you become more aerobically fit. This is designed as "step aerobics," to be done with a "bench" or "step," however, it can be done just as effectively without a step; just do it on the flat floor!  It ends with 13 minutes of abdominal exercises and stretch and relaxation. The directions are good and the music is uplifting and energetic.



 The Weigh Down Diet - by Gwen Shamblin. The biblical principles taught in this book will revolutionize your ideas about food and dieting! This is not a "diet" in the traditional sense of the word, but to the extent that what you eat is your "diet." It will help you revamp your relationship with food, and remove it from the "high place" in your heart. This message is really 90% about your relationship with God, 10% about food.  I have a few thoughts on this that you might be interested in hearing. Click here: to read them.  To visit the Weigh Down website, click on the book cover. (To get back here to my website, you'll need to click on the BACK button on your browser as once you leave to go there, you'll no longer be at my website, so there will be no links to get you back here.)

(Hardbound / 310 pages)  $22.95



OK, about the next few resources... 

(Up to the double black line.)  After having learned a few things along the way, largely in the spiritual arena (which affects all of life,) there are a few concepts in the realms of "eating" and "exercise" that I no longer fully agree with and, therefore, can't just blanketly recommend books presenting those concepts that I now disagree with "in the spirit."  What I have learned from Weigh Down (and found to be true by personal experience) somewhat negates or alters things I have learned in some other areas. Specifically, something that's taught in the following books that I disagree with is that "The Way" to lose weight is to simply exercise away what you eat or to eat healthy. The main idea of Weigh Down, on the other hand, is to simply not eat more than you need ~ meaning you wait until you're hungry to eat, and stop when you're full ~ rather than "atone for your sin" of overindulgence by exercising it away. So I recommend reading The Weigh Down Diet first to get a good foundation and perspective, and then read these others as I feel they contain much insight and help that Weigh Down doesn't cover because its focus is primarily spiritual. Please see "My humble thoughts on Losing Weight, Exercise, and Weigh Down" for where I'm at with all this now.


Fit or Fat
by Covert Bailey. This book gave me a fresh, entertaining yet insightful and encouraging look at exercise and fitness. While I do not agree with some of the concepts regarding food (having gone through Weigh Down ), there is still much to learn here that will greatly benefit and free you up in this area! (I used this as part of "Health" for my high schoolers.)   


The McDougall Plan
by John McDougall. This is the first book I ever read on "health supporting foods" and it really impacted me. Now that I have incorporated Weigh Down into my life, does all this just go out the window? Trying to lose weight through healthful eating while still overindulging in healthy foods has, but I still feel we need an awareness of what God made and how He designed our bodies to optimally function. This book will show you the benefits of the wonderful foods He created, and the harmful effects and logical consequences of eating "foods" that are not good for you. I still eat them, but in moderation. You can really go "hog wild" with this or any health food program. My (strong) recommendation is that you use it to increase your awareness of foods and their effects and ask God to show you what and how much He wants you to implement into your life.  





Our Story


In this one hour session Dave and I share "our story."  It is not so much a "workshop" as it is a testimony of God's amazing power to work, even when He has only extremely imperfect clay to work with, and even when the clay does NOT want to be worked with!  We have now been married for 26 years (as of fall 2001), but ours is NOT a "they got married and live happily ever after" story.  Of course, very few seem to have stories of that nature.  Several years ago we came very close to divorce, even being separated for six months.  Our story is not simple, not easy to hear, nor will what happened with us be true for ~ or work with ~ other couples in similar (sinking) boats.  But we KNOW that nothing is impossible with God!!!!!!!!  And we love to tell what He did to save our marriage from the brink of hell, and redeem it to the point of not being able to recognize it from our earlier years.  Some will come away with renewed hope for their own situations, others will have further insight for how to keep their marriages from drifting into the "danger zone," and others will come away simply saying "Wow!!!  GOD IS AMAZING!!!"  And, of course, you will know "us" a little (lot) better in the process.  (Kleenex advised.)  (1 Tape/ 1 hour)

TAPE $6.00

CD $8.00 [coming soon]






To Expand and Develop

Vision and Personal Order



Fulfilling Your God Given Destiny by Casey Treat. "You may not know what your calling is" (aside from being a wife and mom and I'm not talking about "career", but calling) "but God has planned your destiny, and He will help you find it. Pastor Treat offers principles you can apply in your own life to help you identify your calling and begin to live it out. And if you're already on your destiny course, you can discover how to deepen your faith and build the endurance you need to finish the race." Marilyn Howshall talks much about "vision"; this book will give you more insight on what this means and how to get and develop it!   






For Home Order & Organization


Dorothy (Mrs. Raymond) Moore wrote: "Probably nothing else is more essential for a good learning environment than the organizational structure of the total home. The home is school, and school is part of life. When your child awakens, goes to sleep, helps with chores, practices an instrument, or works in the garden, he is engaging in the most important schooling for living. You teach him the relative importance (or unimportance) of a clean home, for instance, by whether or not he usually picks up his clothes or tidies up the kitchen before he opens his books. Your school is best begun with the house in order." 


() Sidetracked Home Executives
by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, also known as "the Sidetracked Sisters." This book will have you rolling on the floor laughing, all the while breathing in fresh hope and encouragement. It, along with the Messies Manual, (see note below) took me miles down the road of disorganization and chaos, and helped get my feet onto the "solid ground" of order. As practical as it is funny!  



(We also used to sell the Messies Manual, but are no longer able

to obtain it.  If you can find it, it's well worth getting!)



Here's where you can get V*Enna's CD:


"Where I Wanna Be"


(Click on the cover to go to

V*Enna's official website!)

The girl on the left of the CD cover (to the right) is Sharnessa, our daughter, who was homeschooled from start to finish!  The CD has a variety of songs ranging from slower ballads to bouncy Christian pop.  The music is fun and enjoyable to people of all ages (my mom, age 72, loves it!  And so does my 4-year-old niece!  So do *I* ~ Sharnessa's Mom ~ for that matter!)  The lyrics are wholesome, some being of a more worshipful nature ("Take me all the way to Heaven, I will follow You forever...") and some being of a more encouraging nature, as in encouraging kids (people) to follow God and embrace His will for our lives.  The song titles are below. 


1. Where I Wanna Be
2. Make That Noize
3. Do You Wanna Know
4. Sometimes
5. Hold On
6. Why Did I Let You Go
7. Best Friends
8. Sunshine and Rain
9. Don't Stop
10. All the Way To Heaven
11. Don't Get Left Behind

My (Barb's; Sharnessa's mom's) personal favorites of the above songs are "Hold On,"  "Sometimes,"  and  "Don't Get Left Behind."  I also LOVE "Sunshine and Rain" and "All the Way to Heaven."  CD (which is all we sell) is $12. (They sell it at their concerts for $15, and we wanted to sell it for the same price, which, including the $3 s/h it is.)  

CD ~ $12.00






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