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A Time to Seek God
A Path Through Suffering
Audience of One
Discerning of Spirits
Final Quest, The
Gatekeepers at Home
Healthy and Holy Under Stress
Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God

How to Study the Bible for Yourself
Let Go

My Utmost For His Highest
Prayer: Beholding God's Glory
Pursuit of God, The
Release of the Spirit
There Were Two Trees in the Garden
Three Battlegrounds, The
V*Enna CD
Victory in the Wilderness
Way of the Cross, The
Within Heaven's Gates





Resources for


Spiritual Edification 




How to Study the Bible For Yourself by Tim LaHaye.  Chrissy (our son, Tory's wife) is already quite a ways into it and is absolutely LOVING it.  She has been wanting to study the Bible, and this book is giving her the practical "how to" and structure.  Here are the chapter headings:


1 )  You Can Understand the Bible!


2 )  What Bible Study Will Do for You


3 )  How to Read the Bible - including "What to keep in your Spiritual Diary"


4 )  Methods of Bible Reading


5 )  What to Read in the Bible


6 )  The Bible: The World's Greatest Library


7 )  How to Study the Bible by Books


8 )  How to Study the Bible by Chapters


9 )  How to Study the Bible with Subject Analysis


10 )  Tools for Bible Study


11 )  Hermeneutics


12 )  Accelerating the Learning Process


13 )  It's a Matter of Time


14 )  How to Disciple Yourself Through Bible Study


15 )  How to Disciple Others


Doesn't that look GOOD?!?  The book also several worksheets and sample pages. This book is for ANY level from junior high, to high school  and, of course, on through adult!!!  (Your high schooler could do a whole credit in "Biblical Studies" with just this one book!!!) 




A Time to Seek God by Francis Frangipane.

 From the booklet: "There are certain times when the Lord calls us out of the routine of our daily lives. These are special seasons where His only command is "Seek My face." He has something precious and vitally important to give us that the familiar pattern of our daily devotions cannot accommodate. During such times, people are often delivered of sins that have plagued them for years; others discover a depth in their walk with God that leads to greater effectiveness in ministry and prayer (and Barb adds "and in home education"!); still others experience breakthroughs in their families and are used by God to see loved ones brought into the Kingdom." 



Discerning of Spirits by Francis Frangipane. Here's a quote that will give you a taste of this booklet: "Besides speaking through the Scriptures themselves, the Holy Spirit speaks in dreams, visions, and prophetic words. But much of what is revealed will actually come through our capacity to perceive correctly. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus perceived the thoughts of men "in His Spirit." So also with us, if we are to move in divine discernment, our view of life must be purged of human thoughts and reactions."  Just think of how much of our lives (all of them, actually) are affected by this!  Including education! And that's just the first sentence of the book!  This booklet will be tremendously helpful in renewing your mind in whatever areas the Holy Spirit is working in.  



Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God by Francis Frangipane. (On back of book:) This book: "is for every saint who feels he cannot exist unless he finds the fullness of God; for those who are unsatisfied with their progress and willing to do something about it." A quote from the book: "In the Kingdom, there are no great men of God, just humble men whom God has chosen to use greatly. How do we know when we are humble? When God speaks, we tremble. God is looking for a man who trembles at His word. Such a man will find the Spirit of God resting upon him; he will become a dwelling place for the Almighty."  



Let Go by Fenelon. On back of book: "Are you struggling? Do you often struggle through family problems, battle with the tensions of raising children, or find yourself overwhelmed with pressures on the job? Are personal failures and disappointments on the increase as you face each day? What a fountain of life it would be to discover how to let go of those distresses and learn to embrace the joy and peace that God has promised! Fenelon - with amazing insight - speaks firmly, but lovingly, to those whose lives have been an uphill climb and reveals just how to 'Let Go'!"   




Within Heaven's Gates by Rebecca Springer. This book is AWESOME!!!  It was written by a woman who, in the midst of a lengthy, draining, debilitating illness, God granted her request to be refreshed by being taken into His presence. Every word rings true of how I thought Heaven would be! While she obviously did not stay there (or she wouldn't have been able to write this book,) she did write down her experience to encourage the believers. Whether it was a vision, a dream, or "whatever" does not matter to me; it has re-ignited my own excitement to join my Savior in paradise (in His time, of course) and has opened up new insights into Jesus' awesome loving nature. I believe God allowed this woman this experience for more than just her refreshment!  



()Gatekeepers at Home by Pamala Vincent. Pam says in the opening of the book: "This is a how-to book designed to help women make the emotional, financial and spiritual transition from working outside the home to serving full-time within the home and loving it! It was written with the hope that women will laugh at and with me; cry over my failures and maybe learn from them; and perhaps gain the practicality of living on little money while serving Christ by serving their families. Mostly it's my hope that you will find the courage to go against the world's philosophies and revel in the pattern of the Proverbs woman, giving yourself permission to go home. This book is based on [my experience of] traveling the road from a weary, overtired "super woman" of the times to a woman called home by God." (Not Heaven yet just to her home on earth.) An excellent book to give to a "working mom" friend who's struggling with that.  




Victory in the Wilderness by John Bevere. this book is an excellent companion to those going through a "season of solitude," a "wilderness," and/or a "season of re-education and renewing of the mind." They're all one and the same, what you want to call it just depends on how you happen to regard it or what your particular focus is at the moment. "God!  Where are You?  Is this your heart cry? Does your spiritual progress appear at a standstill or to have even regressed? Do you wonder if you've missed God or somehow displeased Him? Perhaps this is not the case... but you've arrived in the wilderness! Don't misunderstand its purpose. It is not God's rejection, but His season of preparation. It is the road traveled by patriarchs and prophets...  paving the way for a fresh move of God. He intends for you to have Victory in the Wilderness.  



Release of the Spirit - by Watchman Nee. This book "stresses one  basic lesson every servant of God must learn (yet that many miss): that any measure of fruitfulness requires the breaking of the outward man to allow the release of the Spirit." The analogy Mr. Nee gives for this is that of a sealed vial of expensive perfume being broken in order for the precious contents to be able to pour out.  This book spoke to my heart loudly and illuminated many things that had been unclear, confusing, and frustrating to me in my Christian walk prior to reading it. It is excellent!  In fact, it is one of those books that can and should be re-read because every time you read it, you are in a different place in your walk.  



Figleaves - Identifying Your Defense Mechanisms by Reb Bradley. "When Adam first sinned, he tried to hide his guilt behind figleaves and blamed God for giving him the woman who led him into sin. As Adam's descendants, we have inherited from him that same tendency we avoid personal responsibility for misbehavior, hiding our guild behind defense mechanisms or "figleaves." Because these figleaves cover so well, we are blind to the sin they hide and often to their very existence. We therefore will not find victory in our pursuit of holiness, nor will we walk in the power that comes with a clear conscience before God. Until we see how we deny our responsibility in personal problems and our contributions to troubled relationships, we will continue to deceive ourselves about ourselves and will remain unchanged." This little booklet is powerful and will "nail you to the wall or, better yet, your flesh to the cross.   



Healthy and Holy Under Stress - by Susan Muto and Adrian vanKaam. This little book is a gem a real treasure and oasis for any person under stress who wants to be holy and victorious in the midst of it, but especially so for the homeschool mom with "potential stress producers" home with her all day!  (On back:) Our agendas are too crowded. Our days are too hectic. Before we know it, stress doubles, and we don't even have time for conversation with God, to say nothing of free time to enjoy on another or to come to know ourselves more fully... Once we learn how to pray always by placing ourselves in the presence of God, we are on the way to living a healthy and holy life. Even the worst sources of stress will be diminished in ways that will surprise us."  




A Path Through Suffering - by Elisabeth Elliot. Subtitled: "Discovering the relationship between God's mercy and our pain." (On back:) "Must we stumble through sorrow and tragedy without understanding, or is there a lighted way a path through suffering? Elisabeth Elliot plots the treacherous, but the only reliable, passage through pain, grief, and loss; and if you walk it, you will see the transformation of all your losses, heartbreaks, and tragedies into something strong and purposeful." (slightly reworded for brevity) "This is a book for anyone searching for faith, comfort, and assurance. It is an honest book about the way our merciful God draws us close to himself and expands our capacity for surrender and obedience in order that we might finally and fully share in his resurrection."   



There Were Two Trees in the Garden - by Rick Joyner. (On back:) "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life represent the fundamental conflict between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. If you have struggled to understand the difference between flesh and spirit... If you have been confused by divisions within the body of Christ... If you are seeking a clear and biblical understanding of spiritual authority... If you battle the fear of rejection and desire to know the love of God... If you are committed to overcoming sin and glorifying the Lord with your life, you will be helped by this book!"  



The Way of the Cross - by Roy Hession. "The message of The Calvary Road (from which this book was taken/adapted) has been used by God to prepared hearts in many parts of the world for the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. The worldwide appeal of this book, dealing as it does with the heart of man, is just as relevant today as it was twenty-five years ago. Chapter titles include: "Brokenness," "Cups Running Over," "The Highway of Holiness," "Revival in the Home," "The Speck and the Log," "The Power of the Blood of the Lamb," and "Are You Willing to be a Slave?"   




The Pursuit of God - by A.W. Tozer. Several comments on back of book: (Dr. Stuart Briscoe:) "Those who drink deeply of Tozer's writings are refreshed and nourished. We need invigorating draughts of Tozer today!" (Steve Green:) "The writings of Tozer shake me from slumber, inspire grand thoughts of God, and expose the compromise in my heart." (Dr. Erwin Lutzer:) "His ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, the lesser from the greater, reflects his great vision of God."  



The Three Battlegrounds - by Francis Frangipane. (On back:) this book explores the three arenas of spiritual warfare which the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church, and the heavenly places. It provides a foundation of insight, wisdom, and discernment on the nature of the battle and the keys to victory." Quote from the book: "Is your love growing and becoming softer, brighter, more daring, and more visible? Or is it becoming more discriminating, more calculating, less vulnerable, and less available? this is a very important issue, for your Christianity is only as real as your love is."  



My Utmost For His Highest - by Oswald Chambers. (On back:) "With the exception of the Bible, no book has had as profound an effect of my life as My Utmost for His Highest... This volume is not a treasure to be admired but a message to be lived." (Charles Stanley) This book is deep: it penetrates and reveals the hiddenmost corners of the heart. I love it; both of my older teens love it, though it is often not one bit comfortable. Every time we read it, we get something fresh!  



The Final Quest - by Rick Joyner. This book impacted both my 20-year-old daughter and I like no other has; in different ways, but in ways that thrust us both (separately, at different times) at the feet of Jesus. I think what I'd have to say God did in me through this book was to make me face head-on my fear of "going to the cross." This would apply to anything in my life that He was or is asking me to die to, not just a one-time thing. It is absolutely amazing!!!   



Prayer: Beholding God's Glory (author unknown, or anonymous; it doesn't say anywhere in the booklet)  This little booklet opened my eyes and deepened my understanding of what prayer is. Misperceptions fell away and a fresh desire to more deeply commune with God sprung from its few pages.  











Worship Music


Audience of One ~ by Shar Boerema. Shar has dedicated this album "to my sisters in Christ, hoping it will refresh, restore and rejuvenate them for service!  I pray the Holy Spirit will use the words  and music to point you to the Source of my song, Audience of One."  She says, "We welcome you into the living room of StoryBook Farm, where I played and recorded all the instruments you'll hear in this album, on our digital keyboard; often, while my five children and husband were sleeping!  Make yourself at home.  I wish I could pour you a cup of tea!  Read along as I tell you a little about myself and sing about my friend, the Lord Jesus Christ."  Here are the songs on this album:


1. In The Lord
2. Praise Him

3. How Can I Keep From Singing?
4. Spirit Song

5. The Servant Song

6. Audience of One

7. Come Harvest Time
8. Jesus, Priceless Treasure

9. Come Out


Several of the above are hymns, "re-created" by Shar in her own refreshingly inspiring way. Two of these songs, "Audience of One" and "Come Out," are originals by Shar that will not only minister to you, but also aid you in ministering to the Lord!  I know you will LOVE this album, partly because of the excellence of musical skill, but mostly because of the excellence of SPIRIT of this precious woman ~ who will gently lead you to the throne room of God.  Here is a quote that I think perfectly sums up the heart of not only the song "Audience of One" but also the heart of this music, namely Shar's heart, who has sought God's heart!   "God has directed you and me to a unique calling that may look totally different from anyone else's. Once we begin to compare ourselves to others we begin to live for the expectation of others. There is only one audience we should be living for, the audience of One. Ask the Lord today if you are living solely for His pleasure."  (Os Hillman; Marketplace Meditations)  [From Barb:]  And if you aren't, this CD will help you turn your heart toward Him, to do the needed work!   




Christian Pop Music


Here's where you can get V*Enna's CD:


"Where I Wanna Be"


(Click on the cover to go to

V*Enna's official website!)

The girl on the left of the CD cover (to the right) is Sharnessa, our daughter, who was homeschooled from start to finish!  The CD has a variety of songs ranging from slower ballads to bouncy Christian pop.  The music is fun and enjoyable to people of all ages (my mom, age 72, loves it!  And so does my 4-year-old niece!  So do *I* ~ Sharnessa's Mom ~ for that matter!)  The lyrics are wholesome, some being of a more worshipful nature ("Take me all the way to Heaven, I will follow You forever...") and some being of a more encouraging nature, as in encouraging kids (people) to follow God and embrace His will for our lives.  The song titles are below. 


1. Where I Wanna Be
2. Make That Noize
3. Do You Wanna Know
4. Sometimes
5. Hold On
6. Why Did I Let You Go
7. Best Friends
8. Sunshine and Rain
9. Don't Stop
10. All the Way To Heaven
11. Don't Get Left Behind

My (Barb's; Sharnessa's mom's) personal favorites of the above songs are "Hold On,"  "Sometimes,"  and  "Don't Get Left Behind."  I also LOVE "Sunshine and Rain" and "All the Way to Heaven."  CD (which is all we sell) is $12. (They sell it at their concerts for $15, and we wanted to sell it for the same price, which, including the $3 s/h it is.)  

CD ~ $12.00


[We're sorry, but we are unable to do refunds or exchanges on CD's

or audio tapes other than for defective merchandise.]







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