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~ from none other than

several who have done business

with the Sheltons!






     "Wow! I thought it was a fluke the first time I ordered from you. But now I know, Dave is the fastest mailer in the west!  Thanks for such fast service."

~ M. Wilson   


That (above) is an unsolicited comment

we received from a homeschooling mom who

ordered a second time from us!






The rest of the comments on

this page came about because of ONE email

we received from another homeschooling

mom who wrote this to me...



Dear Barb:

I really love all the info on your site and I am very interested in ordering from you, especially the homeschool course for parents.
My husband will not allow me to order anything until he establishes that this is a legitimate business.
I have no way of convincing him otherwise, so if you can help me in this area I would greatly appreciate it.

May God continue to bless you in your ministry,
[Name withheld to protect her privacy]     



So, while SHE was convinced we were a bonafide business and wanted to place an order with us, her husband was hesitant.  And not because he had heard anything "shadey" about us, but because he had never heard anything about us!  We are not one of the "big names" in the book industry.  So I put out this request to my lists:



...And so, dear sisters here on the list, I am writing to you, asking if any of you who have ordered from us would care to email this sister (ASAP) and let her know that, indeed, we are a legitimate business?  It is something that *I* cannot really do.

~ Barb       



And here are several of the comments I received! ~ "carbon copies" of what they actually sent to this couple!  There is waaaaaaaaay more here than anyone has the time or desire to actually read, but I am including them here for the occasional skeptic, in case they want all this "evidence"!  (And if you find any email addresses that are no longer in use, please let me know!)






I can understand your husband's reluctance to do business with just anyone in this day of scams. You can both rest easy. You don't have a thing to worry about in your doing business with
Barbara Shelton.
I have been on a number of Barb's lists, and doing business with her since 1998. I have always gotten prompt service and all her materials are top notch.

I am a Christian, homeschooling mother of 5 girls. My husband Tim and I have been homeschooling since 1994. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.

Tracy Gibson 





Dear [her name],

Yes this is a legitimate business, Dave is her husband he mails out all of the books, he is so quick and on time. I have told many friends of mine about this site and all have loved it. My husband is a skeptic as well and he is on board.


Take care.






Hi, [her name],
Barb's business is indeed a reputable, vital business and ministry. I read her book 2.5 years ago and have ordered materials from her (very fast and efficient service). You can feel quite at ease ordering from Barb. Also, you will be blessed to join the email loop of ladies who have read Barb's book and share ideas, encouragement, etc. with one another.
Wendy F.






Just wanted to let you know that, more than any resource I have ever used, Barbara Shelton's business has been an invaluable asset to me as a homeschool mom. She has written Jumpstart and Form+U+La... both of which changed my approach to homeschooling and inspired me to excellence. I have found her business office to be ethical, efficient and very fast! Bless you in your endeavors!


Debbie Phillips

(homeschooling mom of 7 years, using Barb's resources for the past 5)





I have heard you and your husband are unsure about Barb Shelton's website being legitimate. Well, I have ordered from her several times, on the website, using a credit card, and each time I received my items in a very timely fashion, and my card was correctly charged. I have just met Barb in person at a homeschool conference in Beaverton, Oregon this last two days, and I have to say she is one of the most lovely, genuine ladies I've ever had the pleasure and honor of meeting. She is just what she says she is on her website. So please be assured that you will have no trouble with ordering from her. I'm glad to hear that you are interested in her information. For myself, that information has helped me make an about-face in my homeschooling, and has helped me to seek the Lord in all I do.
In Him,
Wendy J.




Hi, [her name],

I just wanted to personally write to you and tell you that we *have* ordered from the Sheltons (as a matter of fact, we received our order from them FASTER than ANYONE we have EVER ordered from)!!! Barb's materials are life-changing, and life-saving ! Let me know if there is any other way I can help, or questions you may have.

In Him,






I heard that your husband was hesitant for you to order, wondering if Barb's business is legitimate. Well, have no fear of ordering! I have ordered from her on two different occasions and received my order in good condition and in a prompt manner. Both times I paid using my credit card and had no problems either time.

Although I have never had the opportunity to meet Barb in person, I have had the privilege of getting to know her online for a couple of years now. I have never "met" a more genuine person. She always honestly shares her struggles, as well as her victories. Barb shares her honest opinion but not without giving it lots of thought first. She seeks to go to God for
guidance. I would not hesitate to order from her again myself and often recommend her website to moms who home school or who are interested in it.

I hope this helps you in finding out more about Barb and her company. I do not regret any of my purchases from Barb and plan to purchase from her in the future. My family has only been blessed by her products, her website, and her!



Susan S. in TX




[To unnamed person:]


I have ordered from the Oasis site and my book was sent promptly.
I first ordered from Barb at least seven years ago.....  That was before online ordering!   :-)

Stephanie in TX






I am the Exhibitor Coordinator for the OCHEC Home School convention held anually in Oklahoma City for at least 15 years. You can check out our website at  Barb Shelton is indeed a legitimate business. She and her husband are coming to our convention in 2003 to be our keynote speakers. In the past, we have had speakers such as Chris Klicka from HSLDA, Steve and Karen Andreola, Dorothy Moore, and Reb Bradley all well-known folks in the home schooling community.


OCHEC is very careful to choose keynotes who are legitimate businesses. We have also used her materials in our magazine that OCHEC publishes, the Informer. I have also personally ordered from Barb in the past and I was blessed by the promptness of her service. If I can be of further assistance, you can contact me at my home email, or
you can write for the business.

I hope this helps,
Dawn Brotherton




Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ......
I wanted to encourage you, I have purchased quite a bit from Barb's e-mail site, not only is her ministry legit.... it is a GOD SEND! To me and many countless others, I am in the process of doing the course she offers to homeschoolers........ This has been one of the most valuable finds, that the Lord has put in front of me, I would recommend it to anyone...
My order experience with this company/ministry was wonderful, I can't say enough good things about it.....
May God Bless you and may you enjoy this new found oasis as well
Joyce in Maryland




I bought Barb's "Jumpstart to Homeschooling," "Lab Science Book," and "Booklet Building" last spring. Not only does Barb run a legitimate business, but her service is quick and the materials are excellent.
We have just begun our 9th year of homeschool and I have used Barb's "Senior High Form+U+la" (that I bought a few years ago at a homeschool convention) to help plan out our junior high and now senior high years. When I realized she had books for the younger set I ordered more to use with my younger too. I find all Barb's materials and the website to be an excellent resource and encouragement to what we hope to accomplish with our own children.

I feel like a breath of fresh air has been breathed into our home, kind of like the feeling I get after a really long winter... when I can finally open the windows for some fresh spring breezes. Or, recently our really hot summer days when we huddled indoors with the AC... it was marvelous when it cooled off enough to open the house to the outdoors!
I am thankful to Barb for making it known that we can move beyond the 'school' setting and trust God, not our own instincts. I have battled fear in many areas of my life for many years and God is slowly working at my heart level to trust Him in all things. Her books have encouraged me to lean on Him and seek His will in our schedules and instruction plans, as well as open my eyes to see Him at work in our oldest as she is at an age of serious exploration of personal interests and talents.

I hope this helps,



Hello -

Barb mentioned that your husband was concerned about establishing the legitimacy of her business before you ordered anything from her. I can vouch for her message AND for her business practices.   :-)   Have you and your husband looked at her website? Barb has invested thousands of hours of time, prayer, and effort, not to mention oodles of money, into that fabulous resource, even just recently setting up a secure on-line ordering site for the convenience of her customers. Her husband, Dave, checks the orders every day, packs them, and mails them out (almost always) the VERY NEXT day. Their customer service as well as the quality of their materials is unequalled, and they've been in business for many years, building trust and loyalty in a growing base of customers (many of whom become friends!   :-)  ).
Also on her website you will see many quotes and reviews from homeschooling mothers and from other homeschooling authors/experts. These quotes are real, from real people just like you and me.   :-)


I am blessed to be one of the moderators of Barb's email lists for parents who are reading and using her books, and I know several of these people through the list and through personal contact. Also, many "famous" homeschool authors and experts have contributed their writings and endorsements to Barb's work: Ted Wade, Marilyn Howshall, Janice Van Cleve, Cathy Duffy, John Taylor Gatto, Michael Pearl, Karen Andreola, Ruth Beechick.... and there are many others. I mention these names not because I believe their opinions are necessarily any more valid than those of the homeschool moms quoted at the website, but because they might be names that would "reassure" you as to the solidity and validity of Barb's message and her business practices.

I have bought numerous items from Barb and Dave Shelton, and not only are they legitimate, but they provide fabulous service! Usually the orders ship within a day of them receiving the request. The materials are all top quality and very helpful. You may also subscribe to one of several email lists to talk with other women who are using Barb's materials.


Barb's materials will show you SO much more about this freedom we have... and about the wide world of "education" that is outside the walls of the institutional schools.  :-)  And I have to say, Barb's books have saved me so much money, time, and frustration by opening my eyes and heart to the unlimited array of learning experiences that God has placed around us... no longer am I bound by stacks of age-graded textbooks.


I realize you don't know me <smile> but I hope that something I've said will encourage you and your husband. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I feel confident that in Barb's materials you will find much to inspire you, help you, and "free" you!
Amy in WA




Dear [her name],
I wanted to respond to your email to Barb Shelton and let you know that I have personally ordered from, have received everything I ever ordered from them, and plan on ordering in the future as well. I've never had a problem with ordering securely on-line. In fact, I've never had better service than when I've ordered from them. 
I've personally met Barb and can't say enough about how upstanding, integrous, caring and godly she is, not to mention helpful, very real, down-to-earth, insightful, etc...I could go on and on! 
I hope you and/or your husband will put to rest your fears about ordering from her. 

Mrs. Claire Lamb




Dear [her name] ~
I'm writing on behalf of Barb Shelton. I purchased her book (SHF-L) about three years ago and have been very pleased with both the book and the interaction I've had with Barb and others through her website and e-mail loops. I also did some proofreading for Barb's "Reflections" newsletter and found her to be very kind, business-like and responsive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Barb and her business to anyone interested in homeschooling.
Aline T.





Hi, [her name]!

I just wanted to chime in with the others and let you know that I have ordered items from Barb, including the re-education syllabus, the Booklet Building Book and the Jumpstart Navigator (already owned Senior High Formula). The turn-around time from when I ordered to when the package arrived was amazingly quick, especially considering it had to come to me cross country. I am enjoying all of them very much. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Sandy J.




Hi, [her name],

I'm a very happy customer of the Shelton's. You will be so blessed, as I have been, as you study and read and listen to her tapes. God has really led me in my search to find answers to my many questions about homeschool. That search led me straight to Barb Shelton. I'll never be the same in my homeschool since reading her materials and listening to God. You will not be disappointed.
They also have excellent service in mailing out materials. You will definitely get them in less than a week from ordering! It is amazing.
Beth in NC

(*Comment from Barb:  You'll get them in less than a week IF we are not backordered, but Dave does as good a job as possible at keeping up with ordering.  However, we obviously can't pre-know how much of any one item will actually be ordered.)





Dear Sister,

Homeschooloasis is more than a business;  it is a refuge for the weary, hope for wanderer, humor for the soul and a practical plan for any family.  To top it off, Barb's books are spiritually founded on the Holy Scriptures and all her principles and ideas.  God has used Barb and her hubby and family in a mighty way for those of us who so desperately need it.  You will be more than blessed by investing in any of their materials and yes they were all very speedily delivered.

Resting in Him,





This last one is long, but

very interesting and informative!

Even though I have known Charisse

for quite some time now, I still

learned some new things!

She is a blessing!



Hi [her name],

I'm another one of those that will gladly tell you of some of the wonderful things I've received through Dave and Barb Shelton's ministry to homeschoolers. My first introduction to Barb's materials were from a good friend of mine. The book she let me borrow for several months was "Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la." I looked it over for some time, and then joined their email list, and bought my own copy. I wanted to be able to read and see how others received her and used her materials.


Well, let me back up for just a moment. My friend first heard and knew of Barb Shelton because of one or both of Barb's children (Sharnessa and Tory) working with children at a camp for hemophiliacs. Both worked as camp counselors. My friend was so impressed by the kindness and integrity of Barb's children that this alone stood out to her, and she wanted to know more about them. This is how she learned of Barb being a homeschooling mother, and the whole ministry that has grown out of Barb's desire to help other parents.  A couple of the two most common things that seem to happen to home schooling families is either burn-out, or trying to bring "the school system" (as we knew it growing up) home and making our family conform to it.

Now, I'm 46, and have seven children (4 daughters, 3 sons). They range in ages from 7 yrs. to 20 years old. My husband and I have been married 22 years, we are self-employed, and I've been able to teach my children all their lives. Since I was a child, I had always wanted to teach. Before I was married, and for a couple years afterwards, I taught in Christian schools. But when it was time for me to enter my children into school, there was no way that I wanted to start sending them away from home for 6-8 hours a day. That would be nearly half of their waking hours away from me. I'd miss out on half their lives during their school years. (That was my motive and thinking concerning homeschool.)

But about the time my oldest was in 5th grade...I was growing weary fast of the intense schedules I had my children on. I used to set timers, make report cards, grade every single paper, and do the field trip thing almost once a week like clock work. Never mind any extra curricular sports, piano lessons, etc. (I was so crazy at one time, because I didn't want my children to feel different from their other friends at church... I made them uniforms ~ sorry, I was really off the deep-end then.)  And I came crashing down, burning out. I had held a standard so high to impress all those around us....a standard I couldn't keep up with, and neither did I want to...but thought I now had gain approval. Don't ask me from who...whomever I neighbors, relatives, or friends at church.

So, it was about this time I had sort of given up on the "ideal" home school regiment, but even so...almost feeling guilty about it, because few others were "casting off" the restraints like I was. I soon didn't see the purpose for finishing curriculum books...except to say "WE FINISHED" them. But again, I had to deal with my own condemnation and not understanding why I was struggling so. I knew God was showing me some things, but I wasn't sure what. And I didn't like feeling like I was the only "odd-ball" in the group. A couple years later, (1999) is when my other friend introduced me to Barb's book and website.

It was like coming home. FINALLY, I had found some people just like myself (tired of having the government tell me they know how to teach my children better than I). And many of them had already been burned-out on the curriculum band wagon. Hey, don't get me wrong...after spending ten years of teaching from a lot of curriculums, I didn't chuck all my books...but now I view them as wonderful resources rather than the basis of what I work from. I found nothing BUT love, support and ENCOURAGEMENT from Barb and these other women who are a part of the email list. I love to go to the Oasis website and get stirred up or inspired and occasionally order something I've been looking for.

Side note, one time, I even got to travel down I-5 about 30 miles, and Barb traveled north up I-5 about 75 miles... and several ladies and my oldest daughter (who has graduated along with her brother), got to have lunch with her. She is just as down-to-earth, and comfortable to be with as reading her materials. Barb is not the least bit intimidating, does not pretend like she is God's answer to all homeschoolers, and is still open to the Lord today and still learning what He has in store for her, her loved ones, and their ministry. I have no problem trusting her.

I guess I wrote this hoping to still some fears or apprehensions. Truthfully, I don't blame you...there's a lot of stuff out there in this world (especially in the name of Christianity) proclaiming to do this and that... but Barb isn't claiming anything... except she wants to serve God in the way He's called her. And God has given Dave and Barb a heart that longs to help other parents teach their children, and instruct them in the way they should go. Never feel strange or shy about asking questions (lots of questions) and challenging someone to explain themselves to you. God will bless you with faith and discernment, and I believe He will honor you in seeking out His wisdom. Don't fret... let your husband care for you as he's doing... God will bless this. Buying one or two of Barb's books or tapes will only help both of you understand better where she's coming from and the message of encouragement she has for parents.

I will pray as I send this that you will let God direct you and encourage you. That way you have nothing to fear.

Much love found in Him,
Charisse Carrigan

(wife to Thom; and mom to Rachael-20, Josiah-18,

Alycia-16, Christine-13, Judah-11, Emily-8 and Jacob-7)







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