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We (Dave and Barb Shelton) are pleased to announce that WE ARE NOW TAKING CREDIT CARDS!!!!!  (The four to the right!)  We don't have our online shopping cart set up yet, so for now I am just taking orders on an individual basis: by email or phone.  


Because of the costs and time involved in taking credit cards, we have a $20 minimum order requirement, but this can INCLUDE shipping!


Here are your two options for credit card ordering... (The second one, by PHONE, is waaaaaay at the bottom of this page.)


BY EMAIL:  Just copy and paste all the text in the box below into an email addressed to me (click here and one will pop up!), and then fill it in with the items you want to order (do not try to do this here on this page, it's not set to do that), and then click "SEND"!  Then call us (phone number below) with your credit card number and expiration date AND your phone number (in case your email failed to make it to me), and I'll take it from there!  (If for some reason, you do not hear back from me, try me at this email address; sometimes things get lost in cyberspace, and I want you to have a back-up plan to reach me!)







(Please note, you cannot type here!

You need to follow the directions in the above paragraph.)








Phone:  (In case we need to call you about your order)


Email Address:


CC Type: (We take: Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express)

CC Number:  (Since email is not secure, it's best if you call us at 360-423-4912 and leave your CC number; this is our home answering machine. If you would rather not call, please see "Another Clever Option" below.*)


Expiration Date:  (month / year)




ITEMS YOU ARE ORDERING:  (Please give us the Quantity, Item name (abbreviated is fine) and Price ($20 minimum order. This can include S/H.)




Shipping: (See the Order Form page at my website; scroll down to S/H chart.)


Tax:  (7.5% ONLY in WA state)


Total:  (This amount will be charged to your credit card:)



* Another clever option

for getting your credit card

number to us


You could send me your CC number in 4 separate emails, with just a segment of the numbers in each one. Please letter each segment in case they come in the wrong order. If that doesn't make sense, here's what I mean...  


Let's say your number is 4500 3339 7788 4040...


Okay, you'd send me one email that says just this in it:  A ~ 4500 


Then the next email would have just this in it:  B ~ 3339 

The next email: 
C ~ 7788

And the last email: 
D ~ 4040


Here's a slight variation of this same idea...


Slight Variation...

One gal had a very clever idea that I got such a kick out of! She sent me her credit card number in four separate emails, one labeled: "A book order" ... another labeled "a Book order" ... another labeled: "a Cook order" ... and the last titled "a book orDer."  And each of the four segments of her credit card number were in each of those emails!  The ONE capital letter in each subject line (A B C or D) indicated which of the four segments it was! Isn't that just too clever?!?!  It just made my day!  You're welcome to do the same!  



Since all of these emails will come from the same email address (yours) that your original order came from, I'll know what to do with them.  (Piece them together to form your number!)  You won't even need to include your name as I'll already have that from the first email I got from you, and these other four will come from the same email address!  Utterly brilliant, don't you think?!?! 



~* A Word to the Paranoid *~


       The only way you would even have had a problem to begin with would be if someone actually chose to hack into your account, which they technically could do, but chances of it actually happening are very slim. The chances of them figuring out the above scheme (they'd have to be able to access all FIVE emails, including the one that said what *type* of CC it was, to be able to actually get your whole number.  

       Of course, someone could figure it out our clever scheme, BUT (and I hate to burst your bubble or make someone who's already paranoid even MORE paranoid, but) someone could ALSO hack into your or our phone line, or get your number out of an envelope that you sent via the post office.  And even if the method you choose is, itself, safe and secure, you could get a rep that's dishonest!  So any way you look at it, there are risks.  Just do what you feel most comfortable ~ or should I say LEAST UNcomfortable ~ with!

Again, click here

for an email addressed to

me to pop up!  Then

do "all the above" and

then hit "SEND"!







In a hurry?




BY PHONE:  If you are in a hurry or are just plain overwhelmed with this whole process, feel free to call in your order to us on our family line:  360-423-4912.  Just leave a message with the names of the books you want to order and all the above credit card info so I'll know what to send you, who to send it to, and what credit card you're paying with.  (Specifically what I need to know is in this red font above.)  The answering machine message (recorded by me, Barb) that you'll get will tell you to call another number for homeschool related stuff.  However, I doNOT want you to call that number for credit card ordering or even leaving your credit card number!  The above number (423-4912) truly IS the one I want you to call!   




Please email me 

if you have any questions

about ordering!


(Frustration is simply not allowed!)


Again...  if for some reason, you

do not hear back from me at the above

email address, try me at this one;

sometimes things get lost in cyberspace,

and I want you to have a back-up

plan to reach me!




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