Below is a "graphic collage-quilt" of my wonderful husband, Dave Shelton. It will take a little extra time to load, but I think it'll be worth it!  (By the time you finish reading this intro most everything will probably be all loaded!) 


This is not "the whole story" of Dave's life, but enough to explain the basics of ~ and/or share my heart about ~ each item. It's a concise, overall "picture" (literally) of the various facets of Dave's life, including his roles, interests, occupations, talents, hobbies, and even his favorite foods. And the written version is really my tribute to him. More on that in a moment...


Into some (not all) of the graphics I have inserted links that will take you either to another website or to somewhere here at my site where you'll find out a bit more about that aspect or see a photo. 


Directly below is the "graphic-only" version.  If you'd like to "read all about it" (graphics included), click here.  If you'd like the text-only version (no graphics; faster loading, but not nearly as interesting), click here!







Dave's Place
































Without the work of these talented people, this page

would look like a bare, empty cupboard!

Daddy and 3 baby bears (which Helena personalized for me by adding the third little bear in the middle! Couldn't leave Carlianne out!), blocks, heart wreath over fireplace, pie:

Graphic Garden

flying package, hunter with rifle:

Animation Factory

taco, taco shells, grapes, pork chop, trike, blue and pink mugs:

Original Country Clipart

all backgrounds from:

Grandma George's Country Graphics

wedding cake, chocolate chip cookie:

A Touch of Country

D.A.R.E. logo: Community Links Page at The Daily News' homepage

wreath over fireplace (greatly reduced so it'd fit over the fireplace), sunshine behind the mugs:

Melanie's Heartspun Collection

policeman, tape measure, hammer, tool box,  police lights, fireplace, bat and ball, filing cabinet:




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