"Purity of Heart"

Interview Form



Name ____________________________   Date ________________   My Age_____   Interviewee____________________________


How I know or met her: _______________________________________________________________________________________




Where are you at with the whole purity and waiting and not dating thing?



How long have you been convicted of the "waiting and not dating" thing?



Can you give me a brief history of how you got to the place you're at?



Is there someone who has been an encouragement to you about this whole thing?



What books have most impacted you?



Have you ever been part of the dating scene?



Are you glad you were a part of it, or do you regret it?



Do you think that the dating scene has anything of value in it?



What has given you the strength to walk the path of purity?



How important is your relationship with Jesus in this whole thing?



What does the verse "Take every thought captive unto Christ" mean to you?



What does the verse "She does him good, and not evil, all the days of her life" mean to you?



What advice would you give to a girl who said this to you: "I don't want to miss out on the fun of dating in my teenage years. So, I'll date around for now and then closer to marriage switch over to the path of purity."?



What advice would you give to a girl who said this to you: "How will I ever find a guy and know what I want in a guy if I don't date around and try different guys out?"?



How do you relate to guys?



What do you think about kissing the guy you're going to marry before you're married or engaged?



Other notes:   



About the Above Activity



Carlianne and I are reading and working our way through a book called Growing Little Women.  We LOVE this book!  It is for moms and daughters to read and work through together and is really facilitating some good conversations between us!  Not that we have a hard time talking(!), but this has a lot of stuff we haven't thought of!  (Yes, we DO carry this book, on this page; as well as one for younger girls, on this page! Both versions are also sold on this page.)

Well, one of the activities in this book, (called an "Action Idea" ~ on page 41) is right here:


Set up a time to meet with a high school or college girl who is a Christian and is leading a life of purity because of what Christ means to her. What has given her the strength to do the right things?

This gave me an idea!  And if you know *anything* about me, you already know what it might be! ... Yes!  A NEW FORM! I thought it would be more fun and thorough for Carlianne to have some good questions on hand when doing her interviewing, so, together, we made up a form called a "Purity of Heart" Interview Form! This questionnaire form will help facilitate a good, in-depth conversation between a younger girl and an older girl! It would be best done by tape recording the conversation (with permission, of course!) so that the flow of the conversation isn't slowed down or inhibited by the interviewer having to take the time to write down the interviewee's responses.

For any of you who are wondering what this "purity of heart" thing is about... This is not
about "just waiting to have s_x," nor is it really about the commonly-used term "courtship" ~ only because that term has too many connotations. We are just into purity, integrity, and God's timing in romance and ALL relationships. I have a section on this at my Article Chart called "Romance & Relationships God's Way" ~ about a third of the way down the page. To go to the one I wrote that's a good intro to this message, called "From My Heart," click here. (There are links to the interview form on that page and on the High School Helps Main Page in the "New Bonus Forms" section ~ toward the bottom of that page.)



With love,

Barb and Carlianne



P.S. The reason I have the explanation AFTER the form is so that you can print out *just* the form if you prefer, and also so that it will start at the top of a page.  ...  And I have to write "s_x" or the Christian internet filters will ban my site!




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