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Decided to (Re)Start  Homeschooling?

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The articles in this section are not to convince you of the benefits and wisdom of homeschooling, (those were in the first section "Homeschooling Basics"), but rather to help you with some of the practicalities of getting started.  Not at getting started at "school at home"; you'll have to go elsewhere for that. But rather at making the transition from school or "school at home" to home education. 


Most of these articles will be helpful to those who are taking their children out of a traditional (public or private) school setting. These articles cover various challenges you may be facing.


The article that offers very specific helps for "how to take them out of school" is the first one called "Helpful Stuff to Know Before Taking Them Out of School."  I would actually have preferred to have named that one "REALLY REALLY Helpful and Needful Stuff to Know..." but it was already obnoxiously long.


There are many other articles in the remainder of the Article Chart that will be helpful to you as you are "Deciding to (Re)Start to Homeschool" but fall under other categories.  So again, just read ALL the articles and you won't miss anything!




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