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This area of discipline of our children is not just a "side dish" but is vitally important to the success of homeschooling. In fact, it will either "make it or break it" for us. If our children do not respect us, or if they have hearts that do not recognize or bend to God's authority in their lives, you almost may as well not attempt homeschooling. (Yes, there are other advantages, but they pale in light of this!)


You'll need order in your home, and more than just environmental order, as in an organized home, which is also important.  But it is vital to the development of your children' hearts, minds and values, and vital to your sanity (especially if you have several children home) that they correctly view authority and submit to it. I'm not talking about harsh, ungodly, domineering control, but about godly control and authority.


That "C word," control, if you haven't noticed yet, is quite frowned upon in the secular arena. I'm sure that's due to the misuse and over-use of it by Christian parents who operated more by the law than by grace. But that doesn't negate the biblical correctness of godly control over our children. Because of this distorted view of "control," the children are "in charge" in many, if not most, homes today!




In this section you will find two "excerpt articles" from two superb books on child training. I present these here to give you a taste of each of them. In developing your personal philosophy of child rearing, it is very helpful to read the perspectives of several authors, (which is also what I recommend for developing your philosophy of homeschooling through high school!) 


If finances are limited, I suggest you get together with friends and share resources. A few will become endeared favorites that you will want to refer to again and again, as new challenges emerge with the growth and changing needs of your children.


Be sure to read Marilyn Howshall's article on "True Success in Child Training" (previously called "Books on Child Training" in a past catalog) which gives much more than a brief overview of several child training books, but mainly a glimpse into her own philosophy of and perspective on child training. Her own children are excellent examples of the "good fruit" of her philosophy!  (Note: The only reason there is not mention of Child Training Tips by Pastor Reb Bradley is that she was not aware of it at the time of writing this article.)


And I just recently came across something new - and really good - on spanking, called "No Longer Anti-Spanking." - especially for those of you who are certain that spanking produces violent children and is abusive!   :-)


I know you'll enjoy the wisdom of these authors!  I would have greatly benefited from it 20 years ago!




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