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I recommend these articles for anyone who is just considering homeschooling OR who has already been homeschooling but is burning out or frustrated.  May I kindly but firmly suggest that you not skip even one of these articles?  (At least give each one a fair chance. )  Together they will help build, like bricks, a solid foundation, or re-build and fill in gaps in a faulty one.  


Having worked with and ministered to homeschoolers for 17 years now, it is my experience (limited as it is) and opinion (biased as it may be) that the majority of homeschoolers lack a solid understanding of true education, God's idea of an purpose for it in individual lives, even many years into homeschooling their children.   


Most often those who never get a bigger vision than merely "doing school at home" burn out and put their children (back) into the traditional school setting.  Many others God has graciously brought my way and allowed me to help get onto another path.  But I am able to help only those who are willing to let go of "the old" and allow God to lead them the "the new" -- whatever that may be for them.  (And please do not misunderstand me; I do not have an exaggerated sense of my worth in ministry.  I am fully aware that it is God who is doing the work; I am merely a tool in His hands.)


My prayer is that you will proceed through all of the articles I have prepared for you here in this Article Chart with your heart and mind totally open to what God might be wanting to say to you.  Allow Him to "speak between the lines" of what you read.  His specialty is "redeeming," but He is not free to begin this process until we become teachable and ask Him to take the old and breathing in the new life He has for you -- which is yours just for the asking.



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