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Because of the increasing "perilousness of the time," there is a greater need among Christians for a deeper understanding of "obeying the governing authorities."  I have "come out" on some things that I have felt much safer staying quiet on up until now  especially regarding the law and public schools...


I have not wanted to offend or ruffle feathers, and still do not want to do either.  But I have a complete peace about what I believe God has put on my heart to say, and I am much bolder in this matter than I have been before.  But it is time, because the frying pan is only going to get hotter, and we need to have true convictions that are based on truth, not just on preferences or whims.


The things I address in the article on obeying the governing authorities are things that, in the past, I have struggled for words to express.  As I went to write about  them, timid at first, the words literally started flowing out of my heart and mind and through my fingers on the keyboard.  I still had to edit and fine-tune, but the message itself flowed!


It is a message that is going to upset some (many?) people as it opens the eyes and hearts of parents across the country and challenges them to something higher specifically to God's (not my!) way of seeing.  And once we see and our eyes are opened, the next thing that's required is obedience, which, in turn, will require action, which, in turn, will result in change.


So as you read what I share here, please pray that God will speak to your heart between the lines of what I have written here, and tell you exactly what His will is for you, and what He wants you to do (or not do) about it.  There will come a time when you will be forced to 




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