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In this section you will be introduced to the concept of "Real-Life Learning" from a variety of angles. The top item "What Is Real-Life Learning?" is a collage of ideas and graphics that is sure to get your creative juices flowing!  It'll also help you recognize some (much?) of what your children already doing as being "real-life learning." What I hope you'll recognize more is the value of this type of learning! 


Then the next article explains the difference between "real-life learning" and "delight-directed learning."  These definitely dovetail, but are not the same. Since I and other authors you'll be reading (if you stick with me for very long) refer to both, so it'll be good for you to understand the difference. The articles on "delight-directed learning" that are linked from this page are also accessible from their own section of the Article Chart.


The last two sections are not yet open, (and they are "biggies") but I wanted you to see what's in the making! 




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