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It might seem almost pointless to have a separate section on "Spiritual Edification" since almost everything else in the entire Article Chart is of a spiritual nature, or at least has that as its foundation. So I added the "& Deepening Your Walk with God" part of the title to make it clear that the sole purpose of this section is to yes, you guessed it deepen your walk with God. All other focuses are set aside, though they do enter the picture at times.


If you haven't realized it yet, homeschooling is much more about you following God and getting close to Him than it is about making sure your children get enough academics funneled into their heads!  True education is about discipleship unto Jesus, not scoring high on the S.A.T.'s!  And the discipleship is about "me 'n' God" first, then about "my kids 'n' God."




Please do not consider this area to be a side issue that you'll make time for when you can get to it!  It is foundational!  Allow God to lead you in taking care of that which needs to be tended to in your life, but make your walk with Him a priority.  This will definitely be part of your "season of re-education," but parts of that will not be as overtly "spiritual" in nature as others, so just make sure you stay in touch with Jesus along the way.  Marilyn's article in this section on "Walking By the Spirit" will help you get started. 


Then all the resources I recommend in the "Heart, Mind, Soul, and Spirit Preparation" segment of the "Foundational Portion" of the Season of Re-education will be of tremendous spiritual help. And need I even say (but I will!) that staying in the Word is the most vital element?!




My "Hearing God 101" article is not even close to being a whole "course" in hearing God, as the term "101" might imply.  (No one-page article could be anyway!)  It's just a very brief and elementary introduction to what I have learned in this area.  I still have so much to learn!!!  But be it ever so humble, there's no place like starting somewhere!


My "Hem of His Garment" article is just a little testimony that happened in my life several years ago, during a very difficult and painful time I went through.


"Good Morning From God" is something we could all probably benefit from hearing every morning of our lives!   ;-)




Even though the reading in this section (and the books in the "spiritual" area of our catalog) won't "feel" good all (most?) of the time, you are in for something very good!  God's work in our hearts is not usually a pleasant "feel-good" thing, especially as it gets deeper and we do more growing.  But the more we yield to His will, laying our lives and wills on the altar, the more delicious will be the fruit that we'll reap in our and our children's hearts and lives!


With God, nothing is ever wasted. Even if you have gone through difficult times getting to where you are now, (did I say "difficult"?  Perhaps "hellacious" might be the most appropriate word for most of us), and even if the enemy has taken some ground in your family's lives, be assured, and rest in the knowledge that "what the enemy intended for evil, God will turn for good." So "hang in there"; you're fighting "the good fight"!




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