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by Barb Shelton




You may be just beginning your search for homeschool information, or perhaps you are are burning out on or dissatisfied with what you have been doing, even for several years now. In either case, the "root need" is almost invariably the same: You need to get a correct view of education: what it is and what it is not.


More than any other message in the homeschool movement, the Lifestyle of Learning message will help you get onto a track and into a place of peace. If you want to avoid finding yourself carrying a burden that is heavy, expensive, burdensome, or ill-fitting, this message will help tremendously, unlike any other homeschool message!  Specifically, it will equip you to keep yourself from getting there. 


Most frustrating and tragic of all, if you do not get an accurate understanding of true education, you will find yourself unable to produce the fruit you so desire to see in your children's hearts and minds. So many moms make the tragic mistake of thinking that, to produce such fruit, they simply need to find the right curriculum. This is as far from the truth as the east is from the west!  


In my materials, I present many practical helps for homeschool moms for organizing, documenting, and record-keeping as well as much "heart stuff." But these will not produce the good fruit you desire, and that God would have come from your home.  Throughout all of my materials, I continually refer and defer to the Lifestyle of Learning message as the "heart 'n' soul" of your homeschooling experience.  Without this message, my message is very incomplete. (And I'm not just being humble!)


In closing, please do not consider the Lifestyle of Learning message as merely a "nice extra" to be gotten around to when you have time.  Rather please begin with it!  It is the foundation of everything you will read in my materials!




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