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Marilyn and her family were offering Lifestyle of Learning retreats on a regular basis.  In 1999 they were doing them about once a month.  But when they moved from Washington to Virginia in late 2000, they were not able to do them during that time. At the time you are reading this, they may or may not be back to doing them again.  As of April 2002, they were not, but I'm not able to keep up with where they're currently at with this, so to find out if/when they are, and to learn more about these retreats, please contact them directly.



EMAIL:  LOLearning@aol.com   If you are unable to reach them here (they don't have the staff to answer all emails they receive), you will need to contact them by snail-mail; below.



PHONE:  (Non-published ~ since they do not do business over the phone anyway.)




         Lifestyle of Learning Ministries

         P.O. Box 207

         LaGrange, KY  40031






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