Prayer Journal



A resource for moms and kids

created by

Barb Shelton



I have made something for myself called a "Prayer Journal"!  It hit me that others may be interested in too!


Who's it for? ...  It's for moms, teens and even younger-aged kids ~ anyone who can write, actually!  I made it to help me organize my prayer life better.
This booklet is small and thin enough to fit inside most Bibles and daily planners ~ unless they're very small. It's 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" ~ the size of one sheet of paper folded in half. It has several sections for various areas of prayer concern, like these: an "Ongoing Prayer Request List"; "Family and Friends"; "Body of Christ" (ministries, church, mission(arie)s, etc.); "I'm Thankful For"; a page for "Personal Stuff"; "Government/Leadership"; room to put verses to pray over people and favorite verses; several pages for journaling, and I have also included my "Commune With Me" Guide.


It has *some* "cross-over" with the "Mom's Focus Affixer" that I made up a few years ago, but is in a totally different, smaller format. The frustrating thing about that was the size and the fact that it was a 3-ring notebook. This is small and thin enough to be able to fit in with my daily planner and/or Bible. One less thing to pack around! 
The booklet comes with a blank cover that you can decorate yourself with/in whatever decorating media you happen to enjoy, be it colored pencil, chalk, stamping, stickers (they have some beautiful ones at craft stores!), or whatever else you can think of!  I have gotten into rubber stamping, so I had a BALL decorating mine!  I stamped the corners of all the pages INside too!  If you aren't into anything, then let your child decorate it, or just use it plain! 
The blank Prayer Journal comes with an "Ideas and Notes" page to help you get the most out of the booklet and it all comes inside a same-size zip-lock plastic bag, which you can keep it in for extra protection and adding your own notes and goodies. (Probably not donuts ~ too thick; flat fruit leather, maybe?    Oh yeah; that's not what I meant by "goodies"!)





How to order the

Prayer Journal:




16 pages; Plain white

cardstock cover (for you to decorate);

Stapled in the middle; Comes with directions

and in a sturdy zip-lock bag....$2.50

If ordering just this one item from us,

please include $2 for S/H.

($4.50 total)

Send to:


Dave and Barb Shelton

182 No. Columbia Hts. Rd.

Longview, WA  98632


(Email me with any further

 questions about ordering.)





~* About the Cover *~


This first picture below (of mine!) is smaller so you can see the whole general layout; the one below that is HUGE so that you can see the design more clearly, if indeed that is something you would like to do.


The quilt and heart decorations ~ the border around the words "Prayer Journal" and the four corners ~ are all stamps from Stampin' Up!  (So they aren't real buttons.  They started out as black stamped imprints ~ which I stamped and then colored (all by my very own self) with colored pencils!  (This is so FUN!  I'm reviving a childhood delight!)  


As for the title...  I did the words "Prayer Journal" on my computer and printed that out, then stamped my border around it, then colored-in the quilt, then cut that out, then glued that onto a piece of black paper which I then cut out with squiggly-edged scissors leaving a black rim around the outside edge of the quilt.  (The booklet comes with the words "Prayer Journal" on the cover.  Plus I include a few other options you can copy from my directions and cut out.)









Stamps by Stampin' Up!





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