What Is

Real-Life Learning?







Here is a wide variety of examples of

"real-life learning."  A few of these have "helps" in other

resources, as listed in the Key below.  These will give you a

hands-on means of organizing, documenting, or

enhancing the learning experience.







P = Helps for this in Potpourri section of

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la


G = in the Grading Guidelines section of Form+U+la


L = in Lifestyle of Learning books





Gardening: Food, Floral, Landscaping



Embroidery, stitchery, or counted cross-stitch 



Camping (real camping counts for more!  )



Plan and complete a project of your own interest (L)


Performing service in community  



  Make a quilt



Hunting: taking an animal from field to freezer



Make elk/deer jerky or sausage, etc. (G)



Read stories onto an audio tape for children



Study different types of music (P)



Work on any aspect or type of a farm ~ food or dairy



Plan a vacation ~ on computer or on paper



Serve on a committee you have an interest in



Attend a city council meeting and reporting on it

(Click on the clipboard to the left to go to a form for this)



Plan an exercise  program for yourself (P)

(Click on the aerobic step above to go to mine.)



Prepare a meal, including planning the menu, finding recipes,

making the shopping list, and cooking it (P)



Learn how to make a month's worth of dinners

(Click on the recipe book to the right to go to a

form to help you organize this.)



Cooking and baking, Gourmet cooking (P)

(Click on the pie to the left go to our Recipe Page!)



Take a health-related workshop at a hospital



   Work at the family business



Have an adequate season of focusing on and developing an interest (L)



Help build, remodel, clean, or serve food at a homeless shelter,

"wheels on meals," orphanage



Study and cook (and eating) healthy dishes



4-H, Scouts, Civil Air Patrol meetings



Make/build/design crafts of any type



Make and selling your work at a bazaar


Do a Lemonade Stand including setting up the booth and

handling and recording sales



Take a class at a fabric or craft shop



Tour museums or visit historical sites



Create a school name and logos for your homeschool,

and make your own I.D. cards for each child



Come up with "school colors", and then make T-shirts

or aprons with your school name and logos on them

(Click on the ASB card to the left to go to a web page on OURS!)



Learn the locations of all 50 states

(Click on the U.S. Map to the right to go to a blank

check-off sheet to help you learn these.)



Watch a movie or play with historical, life-changing, or aesthetic value (P)



Study overviews of the major religions of the world (P)



   Tutor or read to younger (than YOU) children



Get involved in a play, concert or recital in any capacity:

acting, stage hand, making costumes, directing, choreographing, set

  building, being an extra or in the chorus, etc.

(Sharnessa used to do this growing up and went on to be

one of two singers/dancers in a Christian pop band and was one of

the two choreographers for the group!  Click on the CD

cover to the right to read about it!)



Attend concerts and performances



Read a book to a younger child



Make up a 7-aspect health plan for yourself (P)



Take Lessons: instrument, gymnastics, dance, voice, choir,

skating, band, symphony, golf, or any sport



Write an essay or make up a web page (which is just an essay that

you can put onto the Internet) with all of your interests,

roles in life, hobbies, talents, and jobs

(Click on the picture of me to the left to go to MY page on this! 

It will give you a good idea for how to organize such a page!)



Make up a "This is Me" page of yourself (Kids AND parents can do this! 

Click on the pencil to the left to go to the master for such a page!)



Study the stars (astronomy, not astrology)



Visit a nursing home, shut-in or hospital



Lead a family meeting (P)



Visit or perform for sick children at a hospital



Going through difficult situations with parental guidance

and the Holy Spirit


Watch the process of a house being constructed

over a period of several weeks, or better yet...



Help remodel or build on to the house

(Click on the clipboard to the left to go to a skills form for this.)



Attend Master Gardeners meetings 



Interview people of various occupations and interests (P)


Learn how to sew     



Read "real books"



Collect food for a food barrel



Glean food for the poor from grocery stores



Work at a nursing home: feeding patients



Go on a mission outreach trip



Help to deliver food, clothing, blankets to the needy



Write a letter to the editor about something

you are concerned about



Attend workshops and seminars of special personal interest




Make a High School Memory Book (P)



Be part of a homeschool choir


Organize a closet, room, shelves  (P)



Build a dog or cat house



Find out the core conflicts and outcomes of the

major wars of the U.S. (P)


Pick berries and store (can, dry, freeze) or preserve (jams and jellies)



Create and present a Nativity Scene play



Create the invitations and programs for the above play



Make up your own words to children's songs

(Click on the mother-and-child to the right to go to our

"Love Lullabyes" area ~ with all the songs *I* made up!)



Participate in a running, jogging, swimming

or bicycle marathon



Learn to oil paint, watercolor, or tole paint



Make your own bird feeders



Watch & learn about birds



Attend a Creation Science seminar



Evaluate the wholesomeness of a song or movie (P)



Plant and grow seeds, indoors or outdoors



Computer: learning computer programs, operations & terms (P)



Own and/or care for a horse



Participate in a Toastmasters (Speech) Meeting or

Speechcrafters Class



Attend a Basic Life Principles (or any Christian) seminar



Browse an art show  at a library, museum or park



Learn the various cooking terms (P)



Help a neighbor or relative take care of their younger children



Find out the meaning of your name and

a Bible verse to go with it (P)



Do a creative, in-depth, or topical Bible Study (P)



Create a Family Newsletter, not just at Christmas,

but anytime ~ or regularly ~ through the year



Research the Internet for a topic of (valuable and moral) interest



Calculate the costs and care of getting a pet (P)



Visit (and really experience) a science center



Help answer phone lines at a Christian

radio or television station and/or telethon



Interview a pastor, elder, or deacon on their

denominationís beliefs (P)



Interview someone who is waiting on God's timing

for their future spouse

(Click on the heart to the left to go to a "Purity Interview"

that you can use to do this!)



Put on a tea party with Mom, friends, and/or dolls



Do your own unique, personal Homeschool Graduation!

(Click on the graduation cap to the right to read about Tory's!)








The shelf at the top, teacup, pencil bin, orange berries,

the pink and tiny gold houses, hamsters, note pad, recipe book, computer desk, 

Mary and Jesus scene, birdhouse, sunflower seeds are all from:

Helena's Graphic Garden


The embroidery hoop, book stack, barn, quilt square, jar of plums, aerobic step,

tiny garden, and sewing basket are from:

A Touch of Country


The baby in buggy, blue striped background, and ear of corn

are from:

Original Country Clipart


The pie, reading bear, and shining star are from:

Pat's Web Graphics


The smiling, blinking face is from

Mary's Little Lamb


The hanging apron is from:

Checkerboard Graphic Farm


The spinning dollar and musical note are from

Animation Factory


The animated hammer is from:



The Bible is from:





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