Season of Re-education

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If You

Start Feeling




If, at any point along the way, you start feeling overwhelmed, I want you to not succumb to fear or fatigue, but remember this verse (one of my favorites):  

"Come to Me all you who labor

and are weary and heavy-laden, and I

will give you rest. My yoke is easy, my burden

is light. Learn from Me for I am

humble and meek..." 

(Matt. 11:28)

During a season of re-education, when we start feeling overwhelmed, it's often because we are starting to "come into the light" and realizing -- probably for the first time -- just how far we have to go, and just how "off track" we have been.  But remember, God never shows us this -- or ANYthing -- to overwhelm us; only to thrust us into the position of realizing our need to trust Him for our whole lives, and to rely on Him to not only SHOW us where He wants us to go, but to get us there, and in the manner and speed in/at which He wants to take us there.

This tendency of people to get overwhelmed was actually my only hesitation in sharing my suggestions for a "season of reeducation and renewing of the mind."  First, as I have said before but will say again, my course is not the "only" or the "best" way to do it!  It's just how I believe the Lord has led me to create it, but it's been really amazing how many people have come to me and said how similarly the Lord had led them.  I was spending so much of my time hand-feeding my ideas, a few at a time, to moms, that I finally just put it all down into a "whole picture" framework. 


I don't tell anyone that they have to do it this way, or do everything I have listed, or do it in any particular order. It really needs to be led by the Holy Spirit!  And He will not overwhelm!  


The thing that got me to put it into a more "formal" format, complete with a syllabus, is that here in Washington state, one of the ways to "qualify" to homeschool is to take such a course that is sponsored by a post-secondary institution. Mine is, for that reason alone. I personally don't feel that homeschoolers truly need to "qualify", and I have written a very in-depth, five-page article on "Obeying the Governing Authorities, Testing, and Qualifying to Homeschool" that's pretty radical, but only because our culture has veered far from God's purposes for and ways of "educating." However, I've observed that most homeschoolers don't have a very deep or solid understanding of all this and seek out a homeschool course. There are 11 others offered in the state; I wanted one that would not pull them toward "doing school at home" -- which overwhelms!  After reading my "Obeying the Governing Authorities" article, you may even feel differently about taking a course!  Again, getting DEoverwhelmed!  My own hope is that ALL homeschoolers will put themselves through -- allow God to take them through -- a "season of re-education and renewing of the mind," whether they (think they) "need" it to "qualify" to homeschool their children. They will save themselves much heartache, disillusionment, frustration, lack of good fruit, and money!!!

Another main reason moms stress out is that they too easily think of this (what I suggest) as a "To Do" list (and usually to do NOW), rather than as a "vision" or "gentle general guideline"!  What I offer is specific direction for those wanting to know what I suggest -- for those wanting to go beyond where they're at. But the Holy Spirit knows exactly how to lead each of us, and what we need when and next. So if we are feeling overwhelmed, it's only (probably) because we are getting ahead of Him. And even just one step past Him can throw us into this unsettled state -- or it might be better called a tizzy!  


It may be that the feeling of unsettledness isn't just from getting ahead of Him, but from realizing where He wants to take us (even if we have only a little piece of the picture at this point) and where we aren't!    :-)   So use that unsettled feeling to compel you straight to the feet of Jesus, the open arms of the Father, under the wings of the Holy Spirit. That is the place God wants to get you to! THAT is where you'll find rest and peace, not from dealing or fighting with the struggle itself.  Only saying "YES, LORD!" to everything He is leading will get you to the next step, and the next, and the next.   :-)   Not avoiding the struggle. If you need to rest, then rest.  But know that your true, lasting rest will come from surrendering to Him, to His leading, to His plan for you.




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