Season of Re-education

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How Can

I Make Time for

This Season?



It may be that you are already so maxxed out time-wise that you can't even imagine what you could possibly cut out! This is where it will take a miracle and/or a major overhaul in your lifestyle. But I have good news for you! Both of these miracles and overhauls are God's specialties! 


Be aware that God may just want to make some changes in that arena, as in to start whittling down your commitments some and having you say "No" to a few things. This is between you 'n' Him though, not you 'n' me!


You will need to focus on hearing His voice on this, and wait for His answer, which may be very different from what you would have devised or hoped for. There is some excellent input on this area coming up in Marilyn Howshall's writings that will be of tremendous help to you!


After you and your spouse have come into agreement and you have your plan set up, hold a family meeting to fill the kids in on what will be happening, their part in this, and what to expect. You might want to make the meeting special in whatever way is meaningful for your family like a special treat, communion, etc. Or just an enjoyable and relaxing time together.


Try to not place a "finishing line" on the season, either for yourself or your family. At this point you really have no idea how long it will take, so it would only be a wild guess at best; a false hope at worst. You might give them a minimum such as: "We can plan on this going on for at least 3 (or 6 or 10) months." Get them on your team or you'll all be in for a rough ride.


Since I have "only" three children, and my youngest is 13, I couldn't possibly tell anyone with more and/or younger children how they can do this. But God has blessed me (and you!) with a precious homeschool mom, Susan Hitchcock, who has six children (all boys!) and another "in the oven"!  She is currently taking this course (my "Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind"), and is sharing her heart with me as she goes. She was responding (on the Wisdom's Way of Learning Email List) to another mom's comments on having some quiet time in the home on a daily basis...) 


"Our house is also quiet every day from 1 to 3pm, and I think it's worth ALL THE EFFORT it takes to do it!  My six boys all share the same bedroom but during this time, we just use the bedroom for nappers, and other spots in the house for quiet time. My 18 month old and 4 year old are napping. My older boys are reading/looking at books quietly.  (They are allowed to draw after one hour if they would rather do that than read a book.) 
I use this time for study, reading, writing, and thinking time. I'm taking a WONDERFUL course right now through Barb Shelton called "Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind."  I use this time to read and study the course materials.  This course is helping me renew my mind in regards to home education, and in turn, allowing me to build the higher principles of God's ways into my children. Mostly the Lord is using this course to draw me to Himself and embrace my own journey towards solitude ~ which is to only way we can truly educate our children. 
If the quiet time was not established, I would not be able to take this important,
life-changing course!  I see the quiet hours as a means of refueling MOM, and also as a stepping stone in teaching our children to embrace a life of quietness and solitude. Jesus often retreated to a quiet place. If we train our children at a young age to 'enjoy' QUIETNESS, then they will eagerly embrace the discipline it takes to develop their own life with God, and the conviction to LISTEN and WAIT for His specific call and purpose for their life as they are in the Word and prayer. Our society is SO entertainment crazy!!!!  So ADDICTED to noise!!!!!  So filled with ARTIFICIAL means of HAPPINESS! AND SO plagued by the disease of BOREDOM. When we deliberately wean our children from the lure of these UNNATURAL and FALSE substitutes for true peace and contentment, we do them a GREAT service and facilitate their being equipped for the Master's use!  I HIGHLY recommend the quiet time of the day for that purpose.


If I (Barb) were to tell you that getting this quiet time daily was possible for a pregnant mom with many children, I would be speaking out of line.  But Susan has "earned" the right to say "you can do it."    :-)   It may be, though, that you will need to regain godly control of your children before being able to do this.  That's what part of this course is all about!  Please see this page for the resources that will assist and encourage you in getting the victory and PEACE God has waiting for you in this area.  


LOVING WARNING:  Be ready for a complete overhaul in how you relate to your children!  Come to Him open and empty-handed so that HE can fill you and your home with Himself and His heart, and mould you and your home and relationships into His image!)




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