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WHO IS IT FOR?  I designed this course for both rookie and seasoned homeschoolers.  Parents, that is; not the children.  You get to do the stuff with your children!  Many who have been homeschooling for years and are burning out or are unhappy with the fruit in their children have (still) not understood why they would need to take the same course as those just starting out.  It's because the exact same stuff is needed to have an accurate, freedom-and-life-giving understanding of education.  It doesn't matter if you've been homeschooling for many years or are just starting; it's all the same.  If you are burning out, then there are some cracks in your foundation, and the same mortar fills new and old foundations.


WHAT DO WE DO AND WHAT TYPES OF RESOURCES?  In a nutshell, it consists of reading a variety of books, listening to several audio tapes, and completing thought-provoking worksheets (your thoughts in particular) that I designed to assist you in getting the most out of what you read and listen to.  The course includes many hand-selected materials, several produced by me, several by others I respect and have grown from and enjoyed myself.


WILL I LEARN HOW TO TEACH?  Because I believe homeschooling is richer and more comprehensive than merely "doing school at home," the course is not focused on traditional educational theory, but rather takes the parent through a season of re-education, renewing the mind in what true education is, which is vital to parents wanting to truly educate their children and not merely imitate the traditional school system. I'd like to share an example of what I mean from a homeschooling mom who is currently taking this course:


       "I'm trying to become more focused on Lifestyle of Learning and allowing all the NATURAL moments to appear in our home in regards to home educating the children! Sunday when Nicholas, age 9, was beating a mixture for a dessert, I said that 'Just as you are beating this mixture, so Satan tries to beat us down and mix us up, but we must FIGHT back!' So he started praying that as he was beating the mixture!!!!  'I'm fighting back Satan!!!!'  YEAH!  That was a natural lesson just from our few moments of beating that mixture!  I'm really trying to absorb that teaching [lifestyle of learning] and I'm more and more convinced that this is really the way Jesus was with his disciples!!!!  WITH them; teaching as they went along!  (From Barb:  And notice how much Jesus used real-life examples, which is what all His parables and analogies are all about!)  So I must have my children all about me!!!!!  It seems that this is indeed what establishes the intimate relationships with our children.  ...  I share this testimony because if it hadn't been for Barb's Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind course, I would have completely missed the opportunity for this natural learning!    :-)   I SO want people to see the VALUE of this Season!"


So, in answer to "Will I learn how to teach?" I think I'd have to say "You will learn more how to learn ~ right along with your children!  And as you model your own "lifestyle of learning" you will indeed teach them much! 


However, many parents are still understandably concerned about how to teach grammar and reading and math, etc.  For one thing, we all learn so differently ~ much can be learned in a natural, day-by-day manner ~ that there isn't just one way to teach it, so it was pointless to include in a course.  But there are many resources ~ including my own "Make-My-Own Phonics Book" ~ that will assist you in teaching areas that are challenging to you. They are not difficult to find. But it is much more important that you get an understanding of what "true education" is all about before going on your "curriculum hunt"!  THAT is what this course is all about helping you find!!!!!!


WHERE IS IT DONE?  You do the course entirely in your own home. (...or at the park watching your kids play, or in the car on a trip, or in the dentist or doctor waiting room, or...  well, you get the idea. )


MORE ABOUT THE COURSE RESOURCES:  All books that I suggest for the "Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind" throughout the pages of our online catalog have this little quilt piece next to them.  Or if you want to see them all in one place, they are all on this page: Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind - Course Contents Outline. But I suggest you read everything in order or you will miss something important and will not fully understand how this season works!!!


The "Foundational Portion for Everyone" is exactly that for everyone, no matter what the ages of your children assuming you want a certificate. If the quilt piece next to an item is in parentheses, this means it is either one of a few choices, or is required (to get a certificate) only if you have a particular need for it.  Details are in the Course Content list.


Other Portions of the Course:  In addition to the "Foundational Portion," you would also do the section(s) for which you have a child in that age group, as given in the Course Content list. One portion is for parents with children ages 12 and under; the other for parents with children ages 12 and up.  (So yes, that means that if you have a child that's 12, you'd do both of those portions; all three actually, including the Foundational portion.) 

      So, for example, if your child is 13, you do not need to do the "younger" portion.  If your child is 7, you do not have to do the Jr./Sr. High portion.  If you have children in both the older and younger groups, then both the younger and older portions are required in addition to the foundational portion.

      I would add that, if your child is even just 10 or 11, it would be very wise to go ahead and do the high school portion as well.  You will only be doing yourself a HUGE favor!  





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