Comments on Sharnessa



Here are a few comments

from people who have been influenced,

touched, and/or blessed by

Sharnessa's life in one

way or another:




This first one is from a homeschooling mom, Chris D., whom I've been in touch with for a few years:  (See below* for a little background on her!)


"Our daughter was looking through a copy of the latest (January 2000) CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) magazine with a friend and saw the full-page add for V*Enna with Sharnessa's picture on it, she was thrilled! Even though she has never met Sharnessa, I have to let you know that Andrea has such a great respect for her just from what she's read of the things she's written that you've shared at your website. And she recognized her right away because of your Form+U+la book, a familiar face! Sharnessa's picture was gorgeous and Andrea had an opportunity to share with this friend about Sharnessa's article on waiting for God's timing and His best. 


As I listened to her, I realized how thankful I am that she has had Sharnessa for a godly role model!! We all appreciate your family and the way they've influenced ours without even knowing it!! Be assured God will continue to use you all in many ways (unknown to you) and what a great "platform" Sharnessa will have as a musician to continue sharing what you, through homeschooling and the Lord's help, have been able to instill in her as a beginning foundation. 


Praising Him again for the answers to prayers, far beyond what we're able to ask or think or imagine! We'll continue to pray through her rigorous schedule, and look forward to the release of their song in February and their next CD in the fall." 


~Chris D.; homeschooling mom of 7 for 10 years; WA






[*I (Barb) just have to give you a little background on Chris! ...  I first got acquainted with her when she got me to come up to her city to do some workshops at their homeschool convention. She had asked me beforehand if there was anything she could bring me the next morning to my booth. I said an espresso and a cinnamon roll would be nice. So she brought me an espresso as we were setting up our booth AND a batch of cinnamon rolls which she had made herself, before the convention that morning!  (Yes, I shared them!)  But that really touched me, especially since she wasn't feeling well that morning and was helping coordinate the convention!  (In fact, I actually felt like a heel for asking for that much!)  But that just shows you what a sweetheart she is!  And the nice little clincher to this story is that about 8 months later the reason Chris was not feeling so well that morning was born! ... Yes!  It was Baby Number 7!  On the way before anyone, even Mama, knew it! (They did find out shortly after the convention; they were not surprised with a baby at full-term!  ... Since then, Chris and I have kept in touch by email, and she has been a great sources of encouragement and blessing to me in many ways!] 





This next one is from Chris' above-mentioned daughter, Andrea!  Because she refers to three things Sharnessa has written that are right here at my website, I just went ahead and inserted hyperlinks to each of them for your convenience, in case you'd like to read them:


"Hi, I'm Andrea; I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I've never had the privilege of meeting Sharnessa personally, but she has been a great influence in my life! 


When I was looking at the pro's and con's of dating and courtship, and reading through Josh Harris' I Kissed Dating Good-bye book, I was feeling a little confused about it all. Mom then gave me a copy of Sharnessa's letter to two girls who had been in the dating scene and were considering coming out of it. Sharnessa's response to the girls was patient, loving and understanding. And she explained, with lots of excitement, what a joy it is to save your heart for the man God has for you, instead of giving him just the 'leftovers'! Since that letter was written, about two years ago, I have 'seen' Sharnessa be rewarded for glorifying God in her relationships and saving her heart for marriage when God gave her a wonderful guy to spend the rest of her life with! I hope to go through the rest of my teenage years the way Sharnessa has, and look forward to what end results -"the payoff"- God has in store!! 


Also, when I was going through a rather discouraging "blah" time in homeschooling, Sharnessa's letter on being a pioneer throughout her education (she homeschooled from start to finish) really inspired me and reaffirmed to me that this is what God wants for my life right now! Whenever I feel like I might be 'missing out' by not being in public school, I read over the other letter Sharnessa sent to a homeschooled boy who wanted to be in public school. She explains why she loves homeschooling so much and points out some great truths about the advantages of learning at home instead of in a public school classroom. 


Sharnessa is such a blessing and has been the best role model yet for me. I am really looking forward to seeing her continue glorifying God through her exciting career, her relationships and her marriage!"


~Andrea D., 16, a homeschooled high school junior





This comment, short but sweet, is one I received from a homeschool mom who read my book on homeschooling through high school* several years ago and, through that and the email list based on the same book, has been following Sharnessa's life. 



"WOW Barb, I was so proud of Sharnessa. I got tears in my eyes listening to her song." (She's referring to "All the Way to Heaven" that can be downloaded from the V*enna website)  *I felt like, 'That's "our" girl singing.' I hope she's a smashing success. I know she will be."


~a homeschool mom from Florida



* Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la




This is from a lady with two young children who attends a church Sharnessa has attended for several years (she has two here in town!) and that she goes back to every time she comes home for a visit. I have gotten to know her a little, we see each other here and there, and her heart is so precious!  


I know you didn't expect any responses to the announcement you sent out, but can I brag about Sharnessa just for a minute? You know, from one mother's heart to another... the kind of encouragement moms love to hear. (Of course!)   :-)
Although I personally don't know Sharnessa very well, every time I've ever spoken with her at church she has been nothing but delightful, gracious, and shines with Jesus. Even when I ran into her and her fiancÚ in Wal-Mart, they both were polite and friendly. My point in telling you this is it doesn't appear that "show-biz" has gone to her head!  I believe God will grant them the desire of their heart to touch many lives with the message of His love.
I rejoice with you in what God is doing in the lives of your children and look at their lives as a testimony of God's awesome faithfulness and grace. What an encouragement for my own parenting journey!!    :-)   You guys are a wonderful family."


~Kim C.; Mother of 2; Longview, WA




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