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Hereís a letter I received from Sharnessa

in her Motherís Day card in 1999.  I share it to give a

little glimpse of the personal side of our relationship,

amidst all the forms and frameworks and charts

that I share in my materials!

And yes, I do feel tremendously blessed

and humbled by what she wrote!  It actually tells you

more about Sharnessa's heart of grace

than it does about me!


Dearest Momma,

I want to thank you for being a totally amazing Momma. You truly are. And I realize it more and more as the days go by. I am so blessed that you are not only a brilliant mom, but an awesome friend as well. ... I know youíve worried at times that youíve made mistakes, but firstly, all parents make mistakes. And secondly, you and Dad have both been so good at apologizing when youíve been wrong, and taking time to explain and talk things out when either of us had been wrong. Thatís one of the many things I have learned from you guys. And a very vital thing at that! So thank you, Mom! Thank you for doing the best anyone could ever do. Thank you for taking so much time with me. Thank you for giving me room to grow. Thank you for leading me to Jesusí feet. Thank your for being my friend. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of what a mother should be. Thank you for admitting your faults, and in turn teaching me to do the same. Thank you for not compromising and settling for the easier route. Thank you for teaching me to be a pioneer. Thank you for the freedom to be who God called me to be and to go where Heís called me to go. Thank you for not letting ME settle for anything less than Godís best. Thank you for your precious hands Ė the hands that rubbed my back stroked by face, wiped my tears, disciplined me, held me. I love you, Momma!


Sincerely, Sharnessa




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