"Honor Thy Daddy

and Thy Momma"




"Honor thy Father and thy

Mother, that it may go well with you

all the days of your life."

(Exodus 20:12)


And Sharnessa has and does honor us!

This is part of why God is blessing her life so richly! 

The other part of the reason is because she is not only

honoring God, but has given her whole self, her whole

heart to Him, to use as He wills. These same blessings

are available to all who hear and obey! And just

as Proverbs says in so many places, a child

with such a heart is a delight to her

(or his) parents!  Sharnessa IS!


(So are all three of our children,

but this just happens to be her page,

and she loves to express herself

in writing!)


A poem Sharnessa wrote to "My Daddy" for Father's Day in 1998

A sweet letter I received from Sharnessa for Mother's Day 1999



Dad (Dave), Sharnessa, Sam, Barb (Mom), Tory,

and Carlianne front and center.  (Summer of 1999)

(Carlianne is almost as tall as Sharnessa now!)




The ivy  is from Backgrounds, Etc.




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