Heart and Vision

for the Arts


excerpted from a letter she wrote

in 1998



For a few years now, I have been excited about the move of God to bring "the Arts" back into the church – and the church back into the Arts. I believe He desires to do this in such a dynamic way that the world will be touched by Him through this medium. 


God is calling Christians to excellence, which means that what we produce in the area of the Arts should be at least as good as what the world produces, if not better! The world sees most of what the Church in general has produced (as far as the Arts go) as being "low quality" – not usually attractive to the unsaved. It's not meant to be that way! The Arts were God's arena to begin with! What we produce should "blow the world away." The world should be drawn to Jesus by what we do. Not that it's supposed to be alluring in a sensual sense, but by their seeing the purity, truth, and love of Jesus in it.


I know that God wants to use me in the Arts, particularly singing, dancing, and acting. But I don't want to just "perform" or "get a name for myself"; I want to draw people to God through what I do. I'm SO excited about being part of all of this, and about being on the "front lines"! (Hey, my mom doesn't call me her "little Joan of Arc" for nothing!)


God has already used me in this area to a degree in several performances and productions that I have either been involved in or that I myself have choreographed, directed, and produced. But I now feel God is leading me to go deeper with it all as He has opened the door for me to take this to the next level!  I have been accepted at the School of Creative Ministries in London, which is under IBIOL – the International Bible Institute of London. This is a one-year program. [And it’s what she is completing as this book is in the final stages of being printed in June of 99!]  


Part of the school's focus is to give the students a broad perspective of the Arts, from theater to the entertainment industry. But most importantly they focus on the relationship with God, not on religion or legalism, but on the reality of Jesus, for real people in a real world with real needs. The combination of God and the Arts at this school is so rare and so incredible!




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