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by Shannon Schermerhorn

I used to be Mrs. Anti-Spanking. If I saw anyone spanking their children in public, I would just feel horrible. And rightly so, because what I saw was wrong. These children had done something wrong, and the parents in ANGER, would haul off and hit them. Other than misaligning their spine, and killing the child’s spirit there is absolutely nothing of value being accomplished. This is CHILD ABUSE and I am ashamed to admit to having done this.

I had only spanked a few times in our children’s 4 1/2 years, and it was in anger. Their disrespectful talk, not obeying until the “10th time”, and poor countenance needed to change, but how? I learned that I DID NOT have to spank in anger (a complete revelation!) I could actually have rules, that when not followed through on the FIRST time, would warrant discipline. By disciplining the FIRST time, you’re TOTALLY calm and there is absolutely NO anger. We could sit down and talk about what happened, why they were about to get a spanking, and pray for a changing of their heart.


This is NOT child abuse. I love my children so much, that I will not follow the world’s ways of the so-called “rights of the child.” It’s so vogue not to spank, it makes me sick! I no longer have to go around walking on eggshells, praying that my children will “be good.”  I can say no without having to, talk it out for 10 minutes. Without having to cancel everybody's plans because one person messed up. I don’t have to go through whiny, 15-minute tantrums, while I look on with a “you know it’s this stage” look. 


One of the best parts of training and discipline is that my children obey the first time! Do you know how much free time you would have on your hands to actually sit down with, and talk to your children, snuggle your children, and bless your children? When you train them right, the need to discipline is greatly reduced, therefore allowing more time to bond. 


I NEVER EVER thought I would write this, but it’s so true. Listen sisters, if your children are undisciplined, sassy mouthed brats (like mine used to be, and sometimes still are but very, very rarely), don’t buy into the idea that this is the way children are to act. Don’t blame it on A.D.D., high-need, allergies, learning disorders etc.  Not to say that these can never play a part, but if you're eating right it really shouldn’t. Just accept the fact that your child has a bad attitude and it needs to change!  (From Barb: As might your child training methods!)


To learn more, read To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. I do not agree with everything they say, but I do consider this to be the “absolute” best book on child training I have come across. (To purchase this book, send $6, which includes s/h to: The Church at Cane Creek, 1000 Pearl Road Pleasantville, TN 37033.) Another excellent read is Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.




Shannon Schermerhorn, a homeschooling mom

of three for 7 years (since the birth of her first child!) in southern California.

She has an excellent website for homeschooling moms called:

The Blessed Mother 

subtitled "Radical Mothering ~ encouraging women in the art of mothering"

And that's a very good way to put it!


In our culture what used to be "the norm" now

seems radical or eccentric! 

(In fact see my article Are_You_Eccentric? for more on that!) 


I think you'll find Shannon's site

refreshing and informative!


(Note from Barb: We also sell both of the above-mentioned

 books in the "Enhancing Relationship With and Discipline of Children"

section of our catalog.)




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