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Intro note from Barb:



       Starting in the next box down, you'll find my workshop topics I do if speaking at a homeschool convention.  (If I were doing my own own 1˝-day seminar, with just me speaking the whole time, I would do ALL of these workshops.)  Here are my specific needs, breaking it down for one and two-day events:



  2-day convention  4 workshops per day is ideal; 3 workshops is my minimum.  If you don't have 8 workshop blocks available (during a 2-day convention) I would like to work with you on which ones I'd actually do, depending on how many hours you want me to speak and the needs of your particular group.


 1-day convention:   I need to be able to do a minimum of 4 workshops. 





not a homeschooler The topics I present to "generic" audiences are the first three  below.  (And for the first two, on home organization, you don't need to have children!)  So if you would like to have me speak but aren't a homeschooler, that's fine!





At a homeschool convention, I basically need to be speaking throughout most of the day.  Since I'm primarily a speaker, not a vendor, it is actually a poor use of my time to just sit in my booth.  I have books to sell only because I have a message to share. 

      I developed my message many years before the ability to reproduce it digitally was even thought of!  I remember when "2-line memory erase" on an electric typewriter was HEAVEN!!!  Most of my early forms were done with a Sharpie pen (yes, they were around back then) and a ruler! 

      I can either talk with 2 or 3 people in an hour, or with a whole roomful of people; since we have all paid a high price for me to be here, I may as well make the most of my time with you and speak to the roomful! 








For quick reference, you are welcome to refer to the

workshops by the code number at the end of each write-up. 







Barb's Workshops for All Parents



Creative, Flexible Home Organizing


(For parents with children of ALL ages.)



This pictorial tour of Barb's home and life ~ with lots of explanations along the way ~ will help and inspire you to make the most of what you have, organize it better, set up "centers" in your home that will help you function more efficiently, and thus create more order and peace in your home, which are part of the foundation of a peaceful homeschool.  (The other part is having healthy, loving relationships, which Barb covers in her "Connecting Hearts ~ Now and Forever!" workshop.)




Papers and Records

and Files ~ OH MY!!!


(For parents with children of ALL ages.)



Are papers, stacks and piles eating you alive ~ or at least eating too much of your available living space? Does it take you too long to find a needed document?!? … To the rescue, this workshop!!!  Learn how to create order in your work/office space, computer area, and desk; transform overwhelming piles into under-control files, bins, and notebooks, deal with mail and incoming papers; and saving and organizing memories, keepsakes and heirlooms!




Connecting Hearts ~ Now and Forever!


(For parents with children of ALL ages.)



We see many people ~ homeschoolers included ~ who appeared to have their children's hearts during the homeschool years, only to see them "go their own way" ~ a way that doesn't include parents or family ~ after leaving home.  Many assume it is normal and natural do not have good, healthy, flowing relationships with their kids, that it’s okay for disrespect to reign in the home.  Indeed it *is* "normal"; but it is not God's "norm"!   He has SO much MORE for His precious people!!!  Learn how to sweeten, correct, and heal relationships between parents and children, and between children, from baby through adulthood ~ how to get and keep your children's hearts, "until death do you part." 




The Heart of True Education



(For parents with children of ALL ages;

especially those just starting out, or burning out,

or needing their vision and focus refreshed!)



To experience all God has for us in our homeschool, we must be willing to focus on His way of approaching education, and His priorities therein. If our focus is "avoiding gaps" or "preparing for college," we will strive to emulate the traditional school system, without realizing that the school system as we know it was not God's idea, but man's, and as such, is unable to produce the godly fruit we so desire to see in our children. Before going one more step on your path of homeschooling, make sure you are headed in the right direction, which starts with knowing what that is!  Because the primary purpose of true education is "preparing us for the works God has prepared beforehand that we may walk in them," what's "right and best" will be different for each family and each child. A generic, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter education does not fit all! Broadening our view of "education" and getting a scriptural "God's eye view" of it is essential to making our homeschool experience all that it can be! You'll save hundreds of dollars in unused, misused or overused curriculum, and years of frustration and futility!




Preparing Heart, Soul 'n' Guts NOW

to Homeschool to the END!!!


(For parents with children of ALL ages.)



Does the thought of homeschooling through high school give you the shivers every time you think of it? Whether high school is still several years away or you're already DOing it, you don't have to continue to be plagued by fear! Let's expose and deal with the myths, intimidations and misperceptions head-on, once and for all!  The focus for this workshop is high school concerns ~ not "high school how-to's."  (Those are in another workshop.)  We'll delve into the fears and concerns, like the diploma issue, can I really do this, will my child be missing out.  With these fears dealt with (as in dealt a swift "death blow"), you'll be free to approach high school with vision and confidence! It takes some time to go through this process, so do yourself a favor and do this early on!


(The Heart of True Education" is the foundation to this workshop!  This one

does "stand alone," but the complete picture is presented in both together.) 










Barb's Workshop that's Only for Parents of Younger Children



Real-Life Homeschool Learning &

Organizing Tools for Younger Children


(For parents of children ages 4ish thru 12ish;

from "tiny tots" through middle school age)



Practical help for organizing homeschool, chores, and life, plus how to set up a flexible lesson plan based on a healthy balancing and weaving of your child's real life experiences with their academic needs, and then how to "dish it out."  Plus ten reasons to keep records and how to determine which ones YOU do and don't need!  You will also get ideas for getting and keep your home and homeschool in order, your day running smoothly, your stuff (including kids' jobs) organized.










Barb's Workshops for

Parents of High Schoolers



High School Organizing,

Record-Keeping & Frameworks


   (For parents with high schoolers now, or coming up soon.)



Here's practical HELP for ORGANIZING your high school experience, customizing it to fit YOUR teen(s)!  You will find out how to determine what kind of a framework to choose for high school that fits your and your student's needs, priorities, and styles, plus how to organize and document ALL your student's learning experiences, including traditional, natural, non-traditional, real-life learning!  (Based on Barb's book, Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la, but this is NOT an info-mercial; you'll be able to use everything from this workshop without buying a thing.  ...   You will get the most out of this workshop by attending Barb's companion workshop:  "Creating High School Classes," but it's not necessary.)




Creating High School Classes


   (For parents with high schoolers now, or coming up soon.)


Here's how to pull together all your student's learning experiences, from traditional to natural to lessons (like music) to sports to life experience ~ and certainly any combination thereof ~ and turn them into wonderful classes. Many ideas for what to do for many learning experiences too.  (You will get the most out of this workshop by attending Barb's companion workshop:  "High School Organizing, Record-Keeping & Frameworks.")












A  few more thoughts...

        from Barb regarding her

             (unique) speaking styles...





In all fairness, I want to give you a heads-up that, for three of the eight workshops I do, (W3-CHNF, W4-THTE, and W5-PHSG), I need to rely on my notes more than I'd like to, just to keep me on track with the message I want to convey within our short time together.  (For the other five workshops, I use only an outline and just talk off the top of my head.)  There is only so much "disk space" available in that "top" region of my brain, plus memorization, especially at my age (61 as I'm writing this, in July of 2013) is NOT ~ and has never been ~ my forté! 


But it doesn't seem that this this has ruined anything for most of my listeners.  One homeschool mom, after hearing me speak at one of the workshops for which I use my notes a lot, said this to me...


      "God has given you such a gift; your seminar was AWESOME!!!! Your conviction for homeschooling was evident by the passion in your voice!  Even though you read the facts off your paper, it was a perfect blend of facts woven with humor, spirituality and lots of personality!  You also exude confidence, which I think is especially important for us homeschooling families to hear, being that we are going against the norm."



Another homeschool mom who attended the homeschool convention in Modesto, California told me this:


      "I attended several of your classes and first just wanted to say thank you. I was pretty panicky about starting my oldest in high school and due to family pressure was close to caving and sending her to the sharks at our local school. I have renewed vigor and confidence that I CAN do this.


      You were engaging and so much fun to listen to, I enjoyed every minute. Your Power Point slides were so fun and informative.  Thank you immeasurably for blessing me this weekend."




Just wanted you to know what you are ~ and aren't   ~ getting regarding my speaking. 












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