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Because of the increasingly godless times we live in, our laws, as they are changed, are not going to naturally move toward being more favorable for Christians.  Few of us have the time to become fully knowledgeable in this arena, but If we do not have at least a good basic understanding of the general principles involved in this arena, we are likely to lose what freedoms we do have.  Not all at once, but they will erode away, bit by bit, because of our own ignorance.

But a more current concern is that many homeschoolers and school officials do not have an accurate understanding of their own homeschool laws, regulations and applications of these.  Nor do many understand where these start infringing on our current Constitutional rights.  Even if the Constitution should change (rights be taken away) -- which is not unreasonable to think it could; there has surely been talk about it -- our God-given mandates would still not change; we would just not be protected by the constitution any longer. (And, by the way, many state laws, not just on homeschooling, have been repealed, having been found unconstitutional.)  How do we know what those are, and where to "draw the line."  There are some very good books written on this subject that will give you some very specific enlightenment in this area.


If you're just totally new to this legal stuff, clueless as to what my concerns are, I wrote an article "Obeying the Law, Testing, & Qualifying to Homeschool" that will give you some things to think about -- before it's too late.  I hate to sound like a "doomsayer," but I truly believe that because of lack of knowledge in this area, we are going be like the proverbial frogs in the frying pan, and will not be aware of the "heat" in time to be part of turning it down and keeping it livable.


Washington State Only:


There is ONE book in this section that's just for Washingtonians wanting a non-couch-potato approach to Washington State History & Government, and it's the very bottom one on the page.  (I wrote it, with my dad's input!) 


If you are wanting to know about Washington's Homeschool Law, click here, but please read the above-mentioned article on "Obeying the Law" before or after!




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