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Generic State History Book?
Great Escape, The

Home Education Myths
N.E.A. Trojan Horse in America
Right Choice: Homeschooling, The

Should Home Education Be Regulated?
Should Homeschoolers Obey The Law?
Washington State History & Government: The Search-It-Out Route


Should Homeschoolers Obey The Law? This concise booklet by Michael Farris discusses the spiritual issues arising when Christian homeschoolers face a decision to obey or disobey man's law. Helpful to those digging deeper into this issue and formulating their views and convictions in this important area. (The issue of whether home education should even be regulated is discussed in the pamphlet to the right, entitled "Should Home Education Be Regulated?")  


Should Home Education Be Regulated? by Karl Reed. "...We come then to a serious question: Why the (current) attack upon parents by a tax-funded political, educational establishment? After all, parents who teach their own children do so at great savings to taxpayers, and with far greater success than the tax-supported, state-run public schools...  In considering [this] question, we must first ask ourselves Who has the authority to regulate education? (Pamphlet)  




For more on this area, read my article 

Obeying the Law, Testing, and "Qualifying" to Homeschool

(which is at the Article Chart.)



The Great Escape by Geoffrey Botkin. (On back of book:) "Why is America failing? What is behind today's raging political corruption, mass illiteracy, and cultural disintegration? The research points to the public school system – the origin of the worst ideas and most destructive influences in our society. The research also says that the destructive influences are about to become much worse, as the public school system trades its academic mandate for a federal position as a bureaucratic employment agency run by economic and social engineers. Government officials have proven themselves unresponsive to the complaints of teachers and parents, and powerless to stop the insanity. The only solution left is in the hands of parents, and parents alone. To protect their children from the new demands of the federal system, parents must withdraw their children and assume complete responsibility for their education. Parents who are concerned about their country and their children are leaving the system in record numbers. You can too, and this book will show you how and why to do it immediately." Pretty heavy and radical words? Not any more so than is warranted by the "times" and the fruit in our children, and our country's high illiteracy rate. 



Home Education Myths by Karl Reed. This little booklet will help you "learn the truth that you can and should be in control of that vital area of your child's development. It is intentionally small, readable, and sharable. Hopefully it will also be effective in encouraging many to make the commitment to homeschool." Mr. Reed begins with: "The decision to teach one's own children at home rather than sending them out to a school can be a very difficult one since it is a break with the traditions under which the present generation of Americans have been trained. The trauma is greatly increased by the very nature of that training. Furthermore, public education has taken on the very nature of a religion; promising answers for all ills of life and nation. That "religion" holds that men can successfully disregard God's teaching mandate bestowed upon parents, and that by other means and by their own understanding they can educate children so as to save themselves, their nation, and the world... Sad, though true, many Christians and churches have now accepted the error as truth. When they think of education, they think of public schools. When they think of parents, they think of failure (or incompetence). When they think of homeschooling, they think of poor cheated children." These are all myths that, along with several others, are dealt "death blows" by the author with sound, biblical truth and wisdom.   




() The Right Choice: Homeschooling by Christopher Klicka. Subtitled: "The Incredible Failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling." Mr. Klicka, attorney and homeschooling father, has written a hard-hitting exposé of the failure of public education and offers home schooling as a successful alternative. this easy-to-read 410-page book analyzes home schooling by documenting and discussing its benefits, academic success, biblical basis, historical heritage, how-to's constitutional rights, tips on handling social workers, and much more. As a teenager, our daughter, Sharnessa, loved this book, and used it to convince several of her homeschooling friends who were being lured (or at least tempted) to the public schools to convince them that that wouldn't be a good choice after all! 




() N.E.A. Trojan Horse in America by Samuel Blumenfeld. "And educational Mafia captured the high ground of American pubic education in the late 1800's. Sam Blumenfeld shows how, by their own words and deeds, their carefully orchestrated, partially hidden agenda has deliberately steered the public schools, its teachers and children down a disaster road to socialism, secular humanism, radicalism, suffocation of Christianity, the trashing of basic values and the establishment of one of the most powerful and dangerous unions, the National Education Assn. (NEA)  The country owes Mr. B. a great debt of gratitude for his courageous work." "Every so often a book is written that can change the thinking of a nation. This book is one of them." (Steve Symms; U.S. Sen. ID) (I used to think this book was terribly radical; now I KNOW it is – because our culture is! And nothing less will wake us up or move us to action!)  










And just for Washingtonians:




Washington State History & Government: The Search-It-Out Route by Barbara Edtl Shelton with Leland Edtl, her dad, as historical consultant. This is a hands-on, feet-on manual to help you utilize the resources, museums and historical sites around our beautiful state of Washington in searching out our state's (and, really, the Pacific Northwest's) rich history. This manual is easy-to-use with specific how-to's, this manual contains reproducible forms and practical help to help your student set up and produce his own "State History and Government Notebook" himself; creative ideas for reports and special projects, complete guidelines and samples for organizing your own field trip study group; how to figure hours for course credit; suggested grading criterion; broad study of government. [250 pages / 3-ring notebook]  $28.50

Here is my Class Plan (aka ACS for "Assignment Check-off Sheet) for our "Washington State History & Government" class:  (Both of these are the same thing, just in two versions or formats, depending on what works best for you.)


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       ~ Click here for the "Rich Text Format" version



Generic State History Book? 
I started putting a book by this title together, but then decided not to do so.  Since several people outside of Washington State have asked me if I finished this book, I thought it would be good to explain what happened...  Early on, while working on the project, I saw an article in a homeschool magazine by someone who had just written a book of almost exactly the same nature as what I was starting work on, so I just bagged the idea right then. What stopped me was my experience with having written another book on Field Trips and another [more popular] author writing one shortly after I finished mine.  That [other, more popular] author got all the business for that topic of field trips, and so that just made it too discouraging to have that happen again.   
      But here's the good news! You would actually still get a LOT out of the Washington book. The Government portion, over 100 pages, is generally the same info for all states.  The only thing you wouldn't use is the Search-it-out sheets and the WA State items page, but the book is huge and you'd be able to use most of the rest of it.  Here's what Amy, my online secretary, wrote to someone inquiring about this very thing...


       My children and I started using Barb's Washington State History: The Search-It-Out Route this spring, and are loving it. We live in Washington, but I do believe that families from any state would greatly benefit from this book. Barb has included many "Search-It-Out" sheets relating to Washington museums, but many of those I don't use "as is", but "tweak" on my computer, since exhibits change so often. There are some generic sheets as well, and I've made up several forms myself, which is what you'd be doing for your own area. It's fun and easy...and of course (as in much of homeschooling) we parents learn a LOT, right alongside our children! As always, Barb's enthusiasm is "catching." You'll get lots of ideas for putting together beautiful notebooks (my senior-in-high-school daughter loves doing it with her middle-school brothers, too!) and for really enjoying what you're learning about history, government, and culture.  Hope this helps you...if you have any other questions about the book, please feel free to email me, OK?



(In picture:  That's Amy on the right! ~  Barb on the left!)







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