Gift Box Ideas


Here are several ideas

for what to fill a gift box with and

give as a unique and

special gift!




Some basics that could

be included in pretty much

any box are:


 ~  Candy  ~  Mini Book  ~  Bookmarker  ~

Photo  ~  Pretty Post-a-note Pad  ~  Potpourri ~

~ Gift Certificates ~

(home-made too!)






"I'b Gotta Co'd in My Node" Kit

(Or "Sorry You're Sick" Kit)


Vicks Vapo-Rub, Kleenex, Cough Drops, Hand-stamped Hankie, Cold Med sample, Chap-stick, Teabag, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix Packet

Hostess Thank you

Gift Box


Specialty (pretty) soap (for bath or to match kitchen), Mini Lotion, Cookie Mix, Cookie Cutter, Fridge magnet, Potholder, Bookmarker, Hankie

New Job

Survival Kit


Breath mints, Note pad (for writing down names), Pretty Pen, Mini Phone/Address Book, Toothbrush & Toothpaste (mini), Tea Bag, Deodorant

Baby Shower (or New Baby) Gift Box

Binkie, Baby Nail Clippers,

Thermometer, Booties, Baby Washcloth, Socks, Comb & Brush, Rattle, Babyish frame, Baby Powder or Lotion, "Do Not Disturb" sign for door

Graduation Gift Box


Mini Diploma with favorite wise saying on it (roll up and tie like a diploma), Graduation (or "Rules for Life") Gift Book, Money or check rolled up and tied like diploma

Queen For a Day Kit


Gift certificate for facial, massage, pedicure, etc., Mini Lotion or Bath Gel, Nail Polish, Toe separator, Favorite Candy

Finals Week Kit


No-doze, Specialty coffee, Visine, Toothpicks (for eyes), Popping (noisy) Gum, Bag of Trail Mix, Carrots

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Kit

Individual Packet of apple cider, Small Ornament, Mini Nativity Scene, Christmas Cookie Cutter, Christmasy Potpourri, Candle

Valentine Gift Box


Valentine Candy, Heart-shaped Frame, Valentine Socks, Small Rose, Hand-made certificate to go out to lunch with you

Shopping Day Kit


Chart of people and their sizes, favorite colors, etc.; Shoe pads, Foot lotion, Gift certificate for a pedicure at the end of the day




Birthday candles, Matches, Confetti in bag, Small gift ~ wrapped, Mini "Happy Birthday" Banner (scroll and tie with bow)


Gift Box


Tiny Easter candy, Tiny Bunny, Recipe for "Resurrection Cookies," Egg shaped candle, Easterish Post-a-notes

Bridal Shower Gift Box


Kitchen Gadgets, Pretty Panties, Recipes (your own favorites on 3"X5" cards), Bride Booklet, Measuring Spoons, Kitchen Timer

Sympathy Care Kit

Picture of the person in a small frame, Potpourri, A few of your own written memories of the person, Pretty Hankie (or small pkt. of Kleenex), Small book: Within Heaven's Gates, Tiny vial of "oil of joy" (for mourning),

"Over the Hill" Kit


Geritol, Magnifying Glass, Vitamins, "Now what in the world did I come here for?" Memory Jogger (mini post-a-note pad on string to put around neck)

Time-For-Tea Kit


Doily, Small Tea Cup, Pretty Teaspoon (the tiny decorative kind), Teabags, Pretty Sugar Cubes, Packets of Sugar and Cream

Tiny Tot Birthday Gift Box


Specialty Band-Aids, Chalk, , Fancy shoelaces, Crayons, Stickers, Light-switch plate, Scissors, Small toys, Specialty Band-Aids, Hair pretties (girl) or mini vehicles (boy)

Congrats on Drivers License Kit

Key Chain, Car Key, Sunglasses, Sunglasses holder (to attach to visor), Steering Wheel Cover, Drive-up Gift Certificate (like at a fast-food restaurant or espresso stand), Registration case

"Going through a Hard Time" Kit

Teabag, Bubble Bath, Mini Kleenex, Prayer Card (CC size), Band-Aid, Candle (in the rain), Mini Bible, Lotion, Hot cocoa or cider packet, Encouraging mini book, Vitamins

Happy Road Trip Kit


Film or Disposable Camera, Postcard Chart, 20-cent stamps, Toothbrush/ paste and Mouthwash, Deodorant, Earplugs, Travel Game, Trail Mix, Small Crossword Puzzle Booklet, Mini Shampoo/Conditioner

Moving Day Kit

Labels (different sizes), Felt Marker, Trail Mix, Mini packet of Kleenexes, Instant Soup Mix


For a Neighbor Moving In, add: List of Babysitter phone numbers, your own "favorites" in the area, such as pharmacy, restaurants, etc.

Off-to-College Kit


Mini Sewing Kit, Breadsticks and cheese, Mini First Aid Kit, Rubberbands, Pens & pencils, Paperclips, Mini Stapler, Gum, Earplugs

Hospital Caregiver



Small Journal, Small Book, Gum, Mini Bible, Inflatable neck pillow, Small Note Pad, Small Crossword Puzzle Booklet, Bookmarker

"Sleep Tight" Kit


Earplugs, Eye Blinders, Mini Stuffed Animal, Mini bottle of Excedrin PM, Write out: "When you can't sleep, don't count sheep; talk to the Shepherd" ~ roll up and tie.

Thank-you for Conference Speaker

Gift Box

Postcards from your area, Small gift items uniquely from your state/town (go to gift shop and just look around) (In Wash:  WA Apple Lotion, Mt. St. Helens ash; Space Needle)

Happy Gardening



Seed Packets, Pretty Gardening Gloves, Mini Watering Can, Mini Terracotta Pot (with plant in it), Hand Lotion, Gardener's Soap

Teen Birthday

Gift Box


Hair Claws or Combs, Lip Gloss, Face Glitter, Fun Pencil, Fancy Notepad, Lotion, Favorite Candy, Cute Frame, Fold-up Purse Brush, Bookmarker

Happy Hunting and/or Fishing Kit


Fishing lures or hooks, Snacks your Hunter/Fisherman likes, A book he/she would like, Hand warmers (the kind you press or pop and it turns warm)  (Just go to a sporting store and look for small hunting & fishing stuff!)

Mother's Day

Gift Box


"Mother" bookmarker, Pretty Soap, Doily, Perfume Sample, Mini Lotion or Bath Gel, Bubble Bath, Small Frame (with picture of you and Mom), Fridge Magnet

Father's Day

Gift Box

Mini "Best Father" Trophy, Mini Book on Dads, Handkerchief, "Father" bookmarker, Belly Button De-lint Brush (made with pipe cleaner and long bead; mount on small square of cardboard), Espresso gift certificate

"Gotta Get Organized" Kit


Labels (different sizes), Scissors, Marker Pen, Paper Clips, 6-inch ruler, Tape, Stamps, Mini Stapler, Gift Tags (hand-stamped), Thumbtacks. Post-a-notes

(Your own idea!)




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