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Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind

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This is not an explanation of the course itself

(that will come in just a moment as you start reading items 1 through 16),

but rather an intro to your research into it...  



Throughout this whole section, I give much insight for proceeding with the course.  Please do not skip reading anything!  You will not be fully ready to begin until you have read all of this section.  I know I sound bossy (I'm the oldest of seven kids, so what do you expect?), but it is imperative that you have the heart and soul of this season well understood and embedded in your heart before you begin.  Every single item in this section has been carefully and lovingly written and chosen to help you get the absolute most out of this season for you!  I have chosen a "quilt" motif for the core information on this season because the analogy of a quilt is perfect for this season!  There are many individual and seemingly disjointed pieces that go into a quilt, and it can be a slow, painstaking process, but the final product is a very cohesive, integrated, connected piece of work in which every part had a specific purpose and place. 


I have put much thought and love into this season.  There were literally thousands of details to coordinate in designing it, putting it into a presentable format, and covering all the bases.  I am the entire staff myself, personally doing all the writing, formatting, and editing, so I just hope it all makes sense! Let me know if something doesn't!  (


If you want it, there is a course syllabus available to purchase that is what I call "directed journaling."  It's not a test or "fill in the blanks" or "right or wrong"; just forms that help you get the most out of what you are reading for your family and record it.  It's not available online.  I am giving away a mountain of my material here (and enough of my favorite author's stuff to introduce you to their messages and whet your appetites), but there are things I'm not putting online, even though I could.   All this took oodles of time to prepare, and while we feel good about giving much of it away, we feel just as good about asking to be paid for certain things too.


They say "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."  That's as true for this course as for anything!  While just rush-reading through all these books and only half-listening to the tapes will still get you a certificate of completion (if you so choose) from us, that's not really going to do you any (or much) good!  I do hope you'll take time to let God lead you through this season at a pace and in a manner that will make it possible for His work to be truly completed in your heart. That's really all that counts!  I hope you will not do yourself the disservice of being more concerned with "just getting through it" as you are with allowing God to complete His work in you through it. 




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