Jesus Loves
(Tune: "Edelweiss")


Jesus loves, Jesus cares, Jesus lives in our he~earts.
Loving you, loving me, loving us into Heaven!
Let Jesus_fill your heart with His love.
To_make it pure and holy! Jesus loves, Jesus cares,
Jesus lives in our hearts (end: tooo...daaay!)



"Rise 'n' shine" version of:

Rock Rock Tick Tock

(Tune: "Original" -  I made it up)


Rock...  Rock...  Tick...  Tock...
God_made another day!
Rock...  Rock...  Tick...  Tock...
To_work and eat and play.

We'll take_our bath and eat_our food,
       and nap, and

             play some games.
 We'll learn to give 

        and love and live...

 So Rock-Tick-Tock awake!

        Rock, rock, tick, tock, rock, rock...



Pony Boy / Girl
(Tune: "Pony Boy")

Child's Name ]  Boy!  ____________ Boy!
Won't you be my ____________ Boy!
I love you, yes I do, you're my precious Boy!
You're so sweet, 
lots of treats,
Jesus loves you so!
Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, WHOOOOA!
          My __________ Boy / Girl!

[ Child's Name ]  Girl!   __________ Girl!
Won't you be my __________ Girl!
I love you, yes I do,
You're my precious Girl!
You're so sweet, 
lots of treats... 

Jesus loves you so!
Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up,

      WHOOOOOOOA!  My ________ Boy / Girl!



Jesus Make Me
(Tune: "Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver")


(FOUR SEASONS ~ a prayer for ME:)


Jesus, make_me as peaceful as summer,
Fresh as fall, and fragrant as spring.
Jesus, make_me as pure_and_white

  as snowflakes.
         I want to_be like Jesus 

                 in my heart.


Lord, You are
more radiant than daybreak.
Lord, You are more restful than night.
Lord, You are more lovely_than_a sunset.
And nothing You have made
compares with You.

Lord, You are 

     more awesome than lightning.
Lord, You are 

     refreshing as rain.
Lord, You are

     more powerful than thunder.
And nothing You have made

      compares with YOU.



(Only the first verse of this next one is actually for starting your day...)              


Loving Jesus
(Tune: "Maiden Mother" - a sweet song

from my Parochial School days)


Loving Jesus, meek and mild.
      How I love to be your child!
Help me follow You each day,
      As I work and eat and play.

Now it's time to go to bed.
        In your lap I lay my head.
    Hold me in your arms tonight;
         touch me with your morning light.




Sing A Song To Jesus

      (Tune: "Sing a Song of Sixpence")


Sing a Song to Jesus,  

        Sing a happy song.
Sing it in the morning

        Sing it all day long!
Sing a song to Jesus,

        Let Him fill your heart.
And your day will

        be much better from the very start.







I got the darling Precious Moments graphics at:


...the blinking sun from:


...the pastel nursery border from:


...the snowflake from:


...and the animated musical notes from:




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